Reasons orders get delayed. offer the highest quality cabinet doors available, and with the fastest turn around online. We can do this because we use a sophisticated manufacturing process and work with some of the best suppliers in the US. We do everything in our power to ensure that our doors ship within 7 business days, but there are occasionally delays that prevent this from happening. Most of these delays are out of our control, and unpreventable. Many of these delays can be prevented by our customers.

Reasons your order might take longer than 7 days:

1. You entered something in the notes area.

Often times people will enter in special requests in this area. While we want to do everything we can to help you, it might delay your order if we have to clarify. If you enter notes here, we recommend you also include your cell phone number and obsessively check your email, so that your order doesn't get delayed when we try to clarify it with you. Also, feel free to call us at: 1-855-669-5222

2. You have a door that is over 48" tall.

We almost always need to clarify whether you need a center rail, so if you don't, make sure to include it in the notes.

3. You've ordered a door that's wider than it is tall.

This always throws us for a loop. If you do this, make sure to clarify that it's intentional.

4. There is an upcoming Holiday.

Our factory observes all bank holidays and all major holidays. This can create significant delays in your order, especially around Christmas and New Years. If you're in a big hurry around these times, make sure to call and talk to someone on our staff and ensure we'll meet your deadlines.

5. You've ordered more than one style.

The last thing we want to do is make a door you don't want. So we'll often clarify that you intended to do this. Make sure to say in the notes that you meant to do this.

6. Order was placed after business hours.

It's 5-7 business days after we received the order. While the boss would love us to work around the clock, we have families that want us to come home. If you place the order at 10pm, it will get processed tomorrow.

7. Your order requires clarification.

8. Your shipping address is not in the UPS database.

Make sure you give us the right address, and it's one that UPS will recognize. If it's not, we're probably going to hold the order to clarify.

9. You've called up and been a jerk.

This should go without saying, but you should treat people how you expect to be treated. If you call up and have a temper tantrum with our reps on the phone, no one is going to do you any favors. If you're a major jerk, we'll just refund your money and cancel the order. So be nice and we'll continue bending over backwards for you!

While we do everything in our power to get your orders out within 5-7 days,


. Every now and then things out of our control happen, and orders get delayed. Every now and then we make a mistake and an order gets delayed. We're only humans here at, and mistakes happen. If you have a time sensitive project, we feel for you, but we can't turn back time and we can't change the unchangeable. and its affiliates will not be held responsible for delays to your order, so please plan accordingly.

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