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The Benefits of Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Island Cabinets

Adding a kitchen island has many practical, functional and decorative benefits. With the variety of options in style and use, adding a kitchen island can add a whole new dimension to the room. Adding a kitchen island is not easy, but if you’re remodeling, it might be a perfect time add one.

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Eye-Catching Two-Tone Finish

Two-Tone Kitchen

Do you want to create eye-catching contrast in your kitchen? One of the easiest ways to attain a ‘wow’ factor in the room is to create visual dimension by painting your kitchen cabinets with a two-tone finish. It instantly adds depth and contrast to accentuate the doors, grooves, frames, and style of the cabinets without breaking the bank.

Paint is a cost-saving DIY project that virtually anyone can tackle. Why purchase new cabinet’s when you can give your older ones a new appearance? Paint instantly livens up an outdated kitchen or puts a fresh shine on a modern space.

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Best Small Kitchen Design

Even though kitchens do not have to be large to work well, designing a small kitchen can be an enormous challenge. There is just so much space to work with, and not usually very much, which is why it’s vital to prioritize.

Small Kitchen
About as small as you get, this tiny galley kitchen incorporates the maximum number of possible cabinets for storage, and boasts an efficient work triangle. The far wall has been incorporated into the design effectively producing a U-shaped kitchen.

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Not Just For Kitchens or Bathrooms

Kitchen Cabinets Aren’t Only for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Once upon a time, every room in the house utilized freestanding furniture for storage. Large cupboards, chests of drawers, dressing tables, Welsh dressers, and a multitude of other suitable items for storage were used in kitchens, in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. They were functional and often beautiful. But as our homes became more streamlined and living spaces decreased in size there was a move towards more modular storage units that could be built in to save valuable space.

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Cleaning and Cabinet Care

Cleaning and Caring for Your Cabinets

It really is a no-brainer that when you clean and care for your belongings they will last longer. This, of course, applies to the clothes you wear as much as the cabinets you use in your home.

Similarly, like clothing that needs to be treated according to the fabric it is made from, cabinets must be maintained in keeping with the material from which they were made as well as the finishes that have been applied.

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