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How to Add Crown Molding to Your Cabinets

crown molding on cabinets

Crown Moldings are an excellent way to improve your cabinet’s outward appearance with a fashionable accenting border, and with the right tools, they can be simpler to install than you might think.

Just follow our short guide below to learn how to highlight your home with this classic cabinet enhancement.

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How to Install Glass Panels

Glass Cabinet Doors

Installing glass panels into your cabinet doors can greatly improve the atmosphere of an entire kitchen space, bring a new sense of sophistication to the living room, or at the very least, provide a convenient window that showcases your cabinet’s collection.

Just follow our step-by-step instructions, and you’ll be admiring your own glass window cabinets in no time!

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How to Choose the Right Wood Stain

When it comes to the color of your kitchen cabinets, you may be facing the biggest choice you’ve had since beginning a kitchen remodel. While you can simply choose a color of stain off of a chip or chart, it’s very likely that this stain will end up looking dramatically different once applied to your cabinets. It’s also likely that if you find a stain color you like on someone else’s cabinets that it may look different on yours. This is because there are numerous factors that affect how stain looks on different species of wood. The grain of the wood, its underlying color, and how well it absorbs stain all impact what the final color will be. So whether you’re trying to match the color of an existing cabinet or you’re looking for the right shade for a new cabinet, you need to learn the best way to match the right wood with the right stain.

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Framed vs Frameless Cabinets

Homeowners choosing to install new cabinets in their kitchens have a lot of choices and decisions to make. From the color of the cabinets to the material they are made out of, choosing a new cabinet is rarely as straightforward as simply to pointing to one on the shelf. One lesser known choice that homeowners may also be faced with is whether to use framed or frameless cabinet construction. Both American face-framed and European frameless cabinets have their positive attributes, often making the choice dependent on things like space, style, and material costs.

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Measuring for Cabinet Drawers

It’s not difficult to measure for cabinet drawer boxes. There are two keys to getting the job done right: overlay and hardware. You’ll find a helpful guide to getting the correct measurements below, but the best thing you can do to ensure your drawer boxes are the right size is to check your hardware specs.

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