Custom Cabinet Benefits

The Benefits of Custom Cabinets

Want to remodel your kitchen? There's no better option than getting custom cabinets. If you have the time and money, custom cabinets have more benefit than semi-custom or stock ones. Yes, the price tag is more, but before you settle for stock cabinetry, here are the benefits of custom cabinets:

There Is No Limit

From wood selection to design, the options are endless when customizing your cabinetry. You will be able to pick and choose every element of your cabinetry to suit both your taste and your space. You are able to build your dream kitchen with no limitation on the design and materials used.

No Space Wasted

Whether you live in a New York apartment or a condo in San Francisco, every inch of your home comes at a cost. It is therefore essential to use your space efficiently, and with custom cabinets, you can do so. Unlike stock cabinetry, custom cabinetry has no height and width limitation. Any additional wall space that is unused by stock cabinets, a custom job will fully be utilized.

Built To Last

Custom cabinets are designed, built and installed like a work of art. Unlike stock cabinets, everything has its place, a purpose and is handmade to suit your needs. Because of the detail and craftsmanship of your cabinets, your kitchen will be built to last.

Endless Modifications

From functionality to look, custom cabinets are made to suit your aesthetic and lifestyle. With endless modification, nothing is cookie cutter when it comes to custom cabinets.

Everything Has Its Place

One of the best ways to keep your kitchen organized is to ensure that everything has its place. Custom cabinetry offers you storage opportunities that stock cabinets do not. During the design process, you will have the option of creating cabinets to suit your needs. No matter what the size, a custom cabinet can be built to suit your storage needs.


Friendliness By using wood, you not only get the best look, but it is also recyclable, non-toxic and biodegradable. Stock cabinets may be cheaper, but have a shorter lifespan and often ends up in landfills. Once in landfills, stock cabinetry releases a hazardous chemical called formaldehyde. Custom cabinetry allows you to use the best quality wood that does not contain this harmful chemical. Because of the quality of the wood, you'll also keep your cabinets away from landfills.

No matter what your kitchen size or shape, custom cabinets provide you with everything that you need. Having something specifically made for your home will allow it function better. Keep in mind that this is a tedious project and is not for someone with a tight budget. It is something worth saving for when buying a new home. Overall, the main benefit of custom cabinets is that it will provide you with your dream kitchen.

If you are however on a budget, semi-custom or stock cabinets might be your best option. At Cabinet Now, we provide you with the best stock cabinet options. Purchasing cabinetry has never been easier with just a few clicks. Plus, we deliver straight to your doorstep.

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