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Roxy Home Living's DIY Kitchen Desk Makeover

Award winning Roxy Home Living, grew a passion for home renovations in 2007. As a former owner of Elegantly Stated Home Staging, Roxy has an eye for design and has won many inspiring awards for staging homes in real estate. The more her passion grew, the more she wanted to share it with the world. That is when she started Roxy Home Living as a blogger and social media influencer to inspire others through all of her design knowledge and experience she has gained through her journey! Choosing to work with Roxy was a no brainer after seeing her impressive work. We found the perfect opportunity when she was looking to update her kitchen desk area into an elegant built-in buffet style tableside. Originally she had planned to hire a contractor to do her kitchen renovation, but quickly realized a complete remodel comes with not only the inconvenience of the kitchen being unusable during construction, but also a hefty price tag! With her experience and creativity, she knew she coul...

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The Gift of Custom Cabinet Doors This Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, many of us are busy trying to finish all of our last minute shopping before Christmas day. But for those who cannot find what they are looking for, we offer an alternative solution. Surprise your loved ones with custom cabinet doors. Not only does this give them something special, but you can also shop online and have the door shipped directly to you.Custom cabinet doors can add a touch of class to any kitchen. However, investing in a kitchen remodel can take a lot of time and money. These factors may discourage homeowners from undertaking such an extensive project.Giving the gift of new cabinet doors can help give someone the head start they need to start a refacing or remodeling project. Why New Cabinet Doors Add Value A lot of home improvement projects can increase your property's value. According to Homes and Gardens, a kitchen remodel is one of the best investments you can make because it can provide an average of $50-$75 per square...

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How to Increase Market Value of Your Home

It’s evident that homeowners trying to sell their house do renovations to increase its value. If you have lived in your home for the past 25 years, there is a good chance your kitchen is outdated. While there are various factors that can increase your home's resale value, your kitchen is one of the main considerations.A kitchen is the heart of any home, so it's clear that potential homebuyers look for a modern, pleasurable space that they can envision themselves living and cooking in. Therefore, many homeowners opt to do a kitchen remodel to up the value of their homes. But, what is the return on investment of going through the process of a kitchen renovation? Most importantly, what are your options without breaking the bank? Why Is Home Resale Value Important?Whether you're house hunting or in the process of selling, there are a few factors that will influence the resale value of your home such as how much the house is worth today, comparison to other homes in the area, and a potentia...

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​What Are Ribbed Cabinet Doors?

When your clients want a timeless look but still crave an edgy style, talk to them about the latest trend in cabinetry: ribbed cabinet doors. Also called reeded cabinetry, this new style is a revamped version of popular Shaker-style cabinetry. You can use these cabinet doors to add a design flair to a kitchen renovation, but they also work well in other rooms of the house.What Are Ribbed Cabinet Doors? Ribbed doors introduce texture and depth to shaker-style cabinets. Shaker cabinetry features a simple, straightforward profile with a thick frame surrounding a bare inset panel. This classic style has graced countless kitchens and will continue to do so in the future. On the other hand, reeded cabinetry provides an update to the shaker look. Rather than having a bare inset panel, this type of cabinetry has an inset panel with ribbed pieces of wood that look like tight-fitting dowels. Some reeded cabinets have abandoned the shaker profile and instead feature the ribbed look on f...

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Best place for cabinets is the #1 online retailer of custom cabinetry for a few simple reasons. First, we offer a premium, high-quality product that's made right here in the United States. We're proud of the artisan-quality cabinetry that we can offer, and our customers love it for us. Our cabinet doors are handcrafted by tradesmen and are unsurpassed by our competition. Our cabinet boxes, drawer boxes and RTA cabinets are all custom-sized and like our cabinet doors, they ship in 6-10 days. We offer top-notch customer service, and are here to answer your questions from 6am-6pm PT every weekday. We've been selling cabinet doors online for over 10 years, and have earned over 2000 5-star reviews, and an A+ from the BBB.

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