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Wood Cutting Board Maintenance Tips

Wood Cutting Board Maintenance Tips

Posted by on 2019-04-29

Wood is a living entity and with all living entities you must have a great maintenance plan to keep it in the best shape for an extended life expectancy. Our Custom wood cutting boards are no exception. Although our cutting boards are oiled and finished at the factory, they can become dried out during storage or shipping. That is why the best thing to do once you receive your cutting board is to oil it with mineral oil.  We have a 10 oz bottle of food grade Bigwood Boards Cutting Board & Block Oil available on our website. Click Here to Buy

The is more to keeping the longevity of your cutting board then just oil. Please see below for the following tips on how to clean and maintain your custom cutting board.

How to Maintain your Custom Cutting Board

1. When dry, oil the cutting surface with food grade mineral oil.

2. Be sure to coat the top, bottom, ends and edges of the block every time you oil it.

3. Clean your board with a wet cloth or sponge using a mild liquid detergent, disinfecting cleanser or a mixture of chlorine bleach (1 tsp.) and Water (1 quart). DO NOT SUBMERGE IN WATER. Rinse well. Do not use powder cleanser.

4. Allow the board to dry in a rack or with the board standing on edge. This allows all the water to drop of the board and not settle. 

5. When determining how often to oil a block, the general rule of thumb is once a day for a week upon purchase; once a week for a month; and once a month forever. The block should be oiled whenever the wood starts to look dry and chalky.