How To Choose Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

You've decided that you want to revamp your kitchen by replacing or refacing your old, out-dated cabinets and are itching to order the perfect ones. Once you begin researching possibilities, though, the task suddenly seems daunting. Would stock cabinets fit your needs or does your project require custom-made cabinets? Finished or unfinished? Which type of wood best suits your unique style? What about edgy stainless steel cabinet fronts?

Before you get overwhelmed, get out a pen and paper or open up a new Word Document and begin listing your requirements. To get you started, consider the style, wood type, size requirements, and price-range you are working with.

Research different wood types

Research different wood types and come to an educated decision regarding which type you love, can afford, and will serve your needs for years to come. You can browse our website for information on the various types of cabinets and cabinet doors available.

Find examples of cabinets you like

Shaker Cabinet DoorsAnother way to get the cabinets of your dreams is to find examples of cabinets you like in home decorating magazines, cut them out, and put them in your folder. You can bring them to your cabinet specialist to help you find the perfect match.

Consider unfinished cabinet doors

Are you a hands-on, crafty home-improvement do-it-yourself type? If so, you may want to consider unfinished cabinet doors you can sand and stain yourself for the perfect look. If you'd rather that your doors arrive 100% ready-to-install, then finished doors would be just the thing for you. You can hire a contractor to install them if you are not into do-in-yourself projects. Be sure to ask your cabinet maker if the final project will arrive finished or unfinished, because you don't want an unpleasant surprise. Except for our thermofoil cabinet doors, all cabinet doors from our website are unfinished.

Examine your budget

Closely examine your budget and decide exactly how much you can afford to spend on your new cabinets. This will help you narrow down your choices. You don't want to end up with cabinets that break the bank.

Now that you have a good idea what you are looking for, it's time to work with a cabinet specialist. They'll help you find the perfect product, will instruct you how to measure for your new cabinet doors, and can help you finalize and place your order. If you do your homework ahead of time, buying cabinet doors can be quick and painless.

Photo used under Creative Commons from Kelly Sue.

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