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The Ultimate Tiny Kitchen Guide for 2021

In our last blog post, we took a quick look at ideas for small kitchens. We thought this topic deserved another, more in-depth discussion. A recent article from CNBC reported that the average apartment size is 5% smaller than a decade ago. For studio apartments, where space is already at a premium, this number is closer to 10%. As smaller living spaces seem to be on the rise, we thought it would be helpful to provide a detailed guide with useful resources for those with a small kitchen. To that end, we will begin this guide by discussing some broader topics, such as budget and layout, before moving to specifics like material choice, appliances, and lighting. The first topic we will be covering is budget planning. Like most financial matters, planning an accurate budget, and sticking to it, can be a difficult task. So, let's take a closer look at what going into planning the budget for a small kitchen project. Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links and we may rec...

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Does Your Kitchen Feel Too Small?

It is easy for a room to become cluttered and cramped, and especially so if you already have a smaller space. Kitchens are one of the rooms where there is never enough space, and if you already have a small kitchen making room is even more challenging. When your kitchen is bright and welcoming, you are more likely to use it and others will feel more comfortable in it. In this guide, we will explore some ways that you can turn your claustrophobic kitchen into a space you won’t want to leave. Think Bright Colors and Lights A fresh coat of paint is one of the fastest ways to bring a new look to your space. If you go with more reflective and bright colors, this will give the illusion that your small space is more open than it actually is. Here are some other ways you can use paint to not only freshen up your cabinets but also to open up your space.  Classic White: White cabinets may never go out of style. In addition to being on-trend, white cabinets also br...

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5 Kitchen Trends that Really Last

If you have just finished remodeling your kitchen, the last thing you likely want to do is start over. This means that it is important to consider your style choices when you remodel your kitchen or any space for that matter. Much like fashion, trends for kitchens come and go. However, in the kitchen, these trends tend to last longer. In this guide, we will take a look at 5 kitchen trends that always seem to be in style. 1. Go For Stainless SteelIf it is in your remodel plan, replacing your appliances with stainless steel options is always a great choice. Stainless steel, in addition to being stunning on its own, will work with almost any kitchen design and style. On top of being stylish, stainless steel appliances have the added benefit of being easy to clean. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel appliances are available in many finishes so you can pick one that suits your preference. We love brushed stainless steel because it helps hide fingerprints.Stainless...

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10 DIY Makeover Ideas for Your Cabinets

If you have gotten tired of the way your cabinets look but don't have the time or money for a remodel, then a DIY option could be best for you. DIY options are typically much cheaper, but they can be a bit intimidating. In this guide, we will cover some DIY projects you can that will give your cabinets a new life. 1. Paint Your Cabinets It may seem obvious, but a fresh coat of paint can completely change the feel of your cabinet doors. If you are interested in something trendy, you could paint your cabinetry in a two-color look. This is can be a great way to add space in a smaller kitchen. You can do so by doing the following: Remove the cabinet door. Remove any dirt and grease with trisodium phosphate (TSP), and sand away any nicks and cracks. Prime your cabinets and let them dry. Paint your cabinets. 2. Wallpaper Your Cabinet Doors Wallpaper can be repurposed and used instead to decorate your cabinets. This can be a very effective way to add unique or r...

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