How To Get Started Measuring For Your Kitchen Design

Our easy to use Measuring Guide is a convenient place to store and organize the information you gather, as your collaborating with your designer and planning for your project. Use these tools to sketch out your idea or present us with a drawing of your own. If you have questions or need assistance just give us a call at (855)669-5222.

  1. Watch Our Video How To Measure Your Kitchen Before You Start.
  2. Download The Printable Kitchen Measuring Guide.
  3. Sketch The Outline
  4. Fill It In
  5. Measure
  6. Add Your Appliances
  7. Snap Some Pics!

Step 1: Watch our video How To Measure Your Kitchen before you start.

Step 2: Download the printable kitchen measuring guide

Step 3: Sketch the outline

Sketch the basic shape of your kitchen. Be sure to include any obstacles or structural features.

Step 4: Fill it in

Now draw in any doorways, windows, or other features that will dictate where you can install your cabinets. Mark everything clearly and create labels for each measurement of where cabinets will be installed. (see example on this page).

Step 5: Measure

Finally break out your tape measure and record measurements for all of the openings you labeled in the step above. Measure from outside edge to outside edge. If need be round up to the nearest inch. Remember this is just to get started with your design, and we can get exact measurements as we progress.

Step 6: Add your appliances

You should have an idea for where your appliances will be; for example: sink, dishwasher, refrigerator, or any other appliances. Make sure to includes this in your drawing, with the measurements of them.


Step 7: Snap Some Pics!

Send them to us along with your sketches and notes in one of these ways:

  • Fill out this form. Don't forget to upload your sketch, your measurements, and your photos.
  • Email your design to Put "My Kitchen Design" or something similar in the subject line.
  • Send your design to us the old fashioned way at:

    envelope with photos CabinetNow
    7 Governors Ln
    Chico, CA 95926 

Download the Printable Kitchen Measuring Guide Submit Your Designs and Photos Online