One of the most popular styles out there, Shaker cabinet doors are a great modern take on today's kitchen. Great for refacing or starting from scratch, Shaker cabinet doors can be installed with full overlay, half overlay, and inset installations making the Shaker door versatile and desirable. We have a wide offering of finishes for your classic Shaker, whether it be White Pre Primed Shaker, Painted Shaker, a Finished Clear Coat Shaker, or Unfinished Shaker ready to be configured for your own finishing. Select your type of wood for both the Shaker panel and Shaker frame to ensure you have the right look in mind when painting or staining.

In addition to our high quality, solid wood options, we also offer exciting thermofoil finished Shaker cabinets. Our new line of Modern Thermofoil takes the original Shaker design and reimagines it through various contemporary approaches. 

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