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Bore Options

Prebore means your doors will arrive with holes already routed out for European / Concealed style hinges.

There are two very important things to keep it mind. Cup Style and Bore Distance.

Cup Style:

  • Cup only: Used for "screw on" style hinges—where the hinge is attached to the door with wood screws.
  • Cup and Dowel: Used for "press-in" style hinges that come with special screws and plastic dowels used to attach the hinge to the door.

Bore Distance:

  • The choice between 3mm and 5mm refers to the distance from the edge of the door to the edge of the hinge hole and will be determined by your hinge model. You will need to consult the specification sheet for your hinge. The illustration below explains the different preboring options available.

Preboring diagram

*Please note the following

  • Heights below 50” to have 2 bores
  • Heights at 50” and up” to have 3 bores

(Please note that an additional $10 will be needed for any bore pattern outside of the norm.)


a.png b.png

t.png  u.png