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Choosing Your Cabinet Style

At we have a variety of cabinet door styles for you to choose from. We want to help you find the best doors for your kitchen and bathroom. Choose from different style options and customize your doors so that you can build the look you’ve always wanted.

Choosing Your Cabinet Style

The look of your door style depends on changes in its features. From square contemporary styles to Victorian styled edging, there’s a look that’s right for you.


  • Choose between raised or recessed panels

Arched or Square

  • Choose between styles that have an arch at the top of the panel or both at the top and bottom


  • Further customize your style by choosing different edging options for the outside edge of the rails and stiles


  • Choose glass options that take out the inside panel so you can insert your own glass panel

Detail and Edges

Different door styles have different detail levels. Raised panels have their own panel detail and reveal. Surrounding the panel along the inside of the rails and stiles that’s where you will find the door’s inside edge detail. To further enhance your look each door has it’s own customizable outside face edge detail.

Learn more about our outside edging options. Wood Doors or RTF Doors