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5 Kitchen Trends For 2023

5 Kitchen Trends For 2023

With the new year just days away, we discovered from top decorators which kitchen trends are on the way out, and which ones are sliding back in. Here’s what we have researched about the kitchen design trends for 2023.

Stone Accents Minimal black and white kitchen with stone

Stone accents have been a timeless touch to kitchen designs as seen in stone countertops, stone centered kitchen islands, and stone backsplash. According to Good Housekeeping, in 2023 stone is back and much more dramatic. Large wrapped stone furniture pieces are being seen much more in these stunning kitchen designs.

Elevated Kitchen Bar Area

white kitchen bar with glass cabinets

Many kitchens have extra space such as a kitchen desk area. We have increasingly seen a trend of elevating these kitchen desk areas into kitchen bars. This is commonly upgraded by refacing kitchen cabinet doors. For a modern elegance, you can add floating shelves and glass panels.There’s no doubt this trend will continue in 2023.

Custom Cabinet Details

open and airy kitchen

Custom cabinet details are always a treat to include in your kitchen designs. In 2023 House Beautiful says a huge trend is ordering custom cabinet doors cut out for glass panels and adding custom glass or metal grille inserts. The details matter in 2023 kitchen trends.

Warmer Whites

cream colored kitchen cabinets

While white is a timeless kitchen cabinet color, say goodbye to bright whites and hello to creamy whites. Sherwin Williams paint color in creamy white is the perfect color to choose for your 223 kitchen remodel. Having a softer white can provide your kitchen with a more invited essence which is why we have seen this color much more.

Lower Cabinet Drawers

Traditionally, lower cabinets have cabinet doors for storage but a big trend in 2023 is replacing cabinet doors with large drawers boxes to pull out for storage. Or you can mix and match large pull out drawers with cabinet doors.

If you are ready to start planning your 2023 kitchen remodel use these new trends as kitchen inspiration. If you are ready to start today contact us for a free quote and design consult!