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7 DIY Cabinet Door Repairs

7 DIY Cabinet Door Repairs

A kitchen remodel is a large commitment both in terms of time and money. However, sometimes cabinets or flooring can become damaged and you have no option. When it comes to cabinet doors, we have a few handy DIY repair tricks to try before you go out and buy new doors. In this guide, we are going to take a look at 7 DIY cabinet door repairs that can save you money.

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1. Re-Adjust Hinges

Occasionally, your  cabinet doors are flush with each other, but they are too high or low. You can realign them to all be at the same level by using the mounting screw to raise or lower the mounting plates. To do this you’ll need to loosen the screws at both hinges, slide the door up or down and tighten the screws.

Another common issue is your doors are uneven or perhaps don’t line up properly. You can correct this issue by adjusting your hinges. To correct the depth, adjust the side screws in order to get your doors flush. You may also need to adjust your depth screw if you have one. This could also be a great time to upgrade to some  soft-close hinges for you cabinet doors. 

2. Rubber Bumpers to Save Cabinet Boxes

For those without soft close hinges, our  cabinet boxes are constantly getting beat up by the slamming doors and drawer fronts. A quick and easy fix to this issue is to add rubber bumpers to the back corners of all your doors and drawer fronts. This will help protect your cabinet boxes and won’t take any time at all.

3. Lubricate Drawers

Squeaky or sticking  drawers can be frustrating and annoying. One way to fix this that doesn’t require replacing anything is to lubricate the drawer. Just take the drawer box out of the drawer, spray your chosen lubricant on the tracks and rollers, wipe away any excess, and reinsert the drawer box.

4. New Drawer Slides

If there is no amount of WD-40 that will save your drawer slides, then you will need to replace them. New drawer slides can be relatively easy to install if you order the same style as your old ones. This can also be a great opportunity to upgrade to a soft close option.

5. Secure Loose Door Knobs With Glue

Knobs and handles have a way of loosening over time, and so a fix to this is to tighten down the screws. After several times, you may need to use some wood filler or glue to help hold the screw in place.

6. Cabinet Touch-Up

Cabinets and cabinet doors can often get scratched and scuffed up during the course of day-to-day life. These imperfections can be distracting to look at and take away from the beauty of your kitchen design.  Wood filler is one product that is great for filling in nicks and scratches on cabinet doors.

7. Fill Unwanted Screw Holes

While we are on the topic of wood filler, you can use it to fill in any unwanted screw holes. Once it is dry, you can paint over it to make the screw hole completely disappear. Repeat as many times are you need to.

Finishing Up

These projects are a great way to invest a little time and money and make a big difference. Eliminating friction in the kitchen is a great way to increase its functionality and can make cooking more enjoyable.

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