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Choosing and Installing Cabinets for Laundry Room Use

Choosing and Installing Cabinets for Laundry Room Use

The laundry room might once have been nothing more than a neglected corner of the basement, but it's quickly becoming a more prioritized space on every homeowner's list. A laundry room redesign often not only adds value to the home but also makes it much easier and more enjoyable to stay on top of this seemingly endless chore. The key to a great finished product is choosing and installing the right cabinets for laundry room spaces.

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Choosing the Right Cabinet for Laundry Room Storage

When selecting cabinet designs and styles for a laundry room, there's much more to consider than just appearance and size. The unique needs of this space may require more customizable options to ensure longevity and improved function.

Keep Moisture in Mind

First and foremost, remember that a laundry room tends to produce a high-humidity environment. This should impact the materials and finishes you choose for your cabinetry project. Look for options that are water-resistant, easy to clean and that won't warp if the air gets warm or damp. Many experts recommend laminate or Thermofoil cabinetry options for moist environments since these are more water-resistant than classic wood.

Make the Most of Your Space

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Limiting yourself to one type of cabinet could waste much-needed storage space and inhibit functionality. Develop a plan that utilizes both base and wall cabinets. This can help you include some new counter space for folding and ironing while utilizing otherwise empty walls for extra storage. Just remember to leave at least 42 inches of space between cabinets on opposite walls.

Save Room for Extra Features

When designing your layout, allow a little space for a few finishing touches that help the room feel customized. A closet rod installed between cabinet boxes can be used for hanging garments up to dry. You can even create a hideaway ironing board or drying rack in a wall cabinet for laundry room use. This will provide easy storage for these large and bulky items.

Consider Some Open Designs

While a traditional cabinetry system with doors will give your space a clean and tidy look, you may want to consider leaving a few options open for ease of access and use. This can be especially helpful when stacking folded laundry or storing items that are frequently used, such as detergents and spot cleaners. It's also helpful for sorting and storing bins or baskets. A combination of closed and open cabinets could be your best approach.

Installing a Cabinet for Laundry Room Use

Once you have a plan in place, the real work begins. Experts recommend installing any base cabinets first to make it easier to determine spacing for wall cabinets. Using an 18-inch support spacer platform can make it easier to install the wall cabinet boxes while also keeping things level and even. Before you drill the first hole though, there may be some preparations to make.

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Measure for Proper Clearances

If you're trying to utilize every inch of space, you'll likely be installing a cabinet for laundry room storage as close to your washer and dryer as possible. Most models require at least one inch of clearance around the entire appliance, but some products may recommend additional space. Read the product instructions and follow them carefully to prevent unnecessary damage to your cabinetry and machines.

Mount the Boxes

If your laundry room is in a completely finished space, standard cabinet installation rules will likely apply since you'll be anchoring the boxes to wood studs. However, if your laundry room is in an unfinished area, such as a basement or garage, you may be installing the cabinets directly onto concrete. If that's the case, you'll need to follow these steps to ensure a beautiful, safe and secure finished product.

Prep the Walls

Moisture can be an issue in unfinished spaces, so it's important to treat concrete or cinderblock walls first to help prevent potential water leakage after installation. Applying a coat of waterproofing paint can help minimize leaks and keep your cabinetry dry.

Prep the Cabinets

If you don't want to paint your concrete or cinderblock walls or if you just want to add another layer of moisture-proof protection, use plastic to cover the back of your cabinet boxes before mounting them in place. This can be measured and trimmed for a seamless look and can help protect the materials from water damage.

Gather Your Tools

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In addition to a standard level, drill, and drill bit, you'll also need:

Each attachment or bit should coordinate with the size screws you are using for this project. To install a cabinet for laundry room use on a concrete wall, you must use fasteners designed for concrete. Masonry screws are an excellent option for cabinetry, and fitting them with a washer can help provide even better support and a more secure fit. These types of fasteners are designed to grip concrete tightly; wood screws will not hold and can eventually slide out of place, sending your cabinets crashing to the ground.

Install the Cabinets

Position your cabinet boxes and use your standard drill to place the pilot holes in the cabinet boxes first. Follow the company recommendations for the number and placement of the pilot holes. Next, use the hammer drill attached with the masonry bit to continue these holes into the concrete. Thoroughly clean the holes before moving forward.

Use your driver to slowly install the masonry screws, being careful not to overdrive and strip the hole. Once the base cabinets are in place, use your support platform to repeat the process for the wall cabinets, always checking your level as you go. When the boxes are all mounted, finish by installing doors and attachments.

Create the Laundry Room of Your Dreams With CabinetNow

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