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Custom Cabinet Panels For Dishwasher

Custom Cabinet Panels For Dishwasher

A trend we have seen within recent years is creating custom cabinet panels for your dishwasher. People want that modern, sleek, and uniform kitchen look and are tired of their stainless steel dishwashers disturbing the flow. Thankfully, CabinetNow specializes in custom cabinetry so you can order custom cabinet doors to blend right in with your kitchen cabinets. This DIY project will leave your kitchen feeling elegant and surprisingly it is an easy process!

What is a Panel Ready Dishwasher?

dishwasher panel

In order to disguise your dishwasher with a cabinet door there are a couple things to keep in mind that will determine how to install. First, look at the make and model of your dishwasher to determine if your dishwasher is panel ready. Panel ready dishwashers are made to have custom covers attached to the front. If you don't have a panel ready dishwasher model, then you will need to explore some more creative options. Either way, this is actually a pretty quick project to complete and may be easier than you think, so let’s get down to how it’s done.

How to Cover Dishwasher With Cabinet Door

In order to cover your dishwasher with cabinet doors, you will need to know the make and model of your dishwasher to determine the procedure in which you cover your dishwasher as well as certain materials to help you along the way.


Cabinet Door Panels

You will need a cabinet door that matches your current cabinets. This includes matching the trimstyle, and material of your existing cabinets. But not to worry we have a matching team that can do that for you! Additionally, you will need to measure your dishwashers height and width so we can cut the custom cabinet doors to cover your dishwasher perfectly.

Heavy Duty Glue

Having the right glue is necessary if the make and model of your dishwasher does not allow you to remove it. Veer from a typical wood glue, and opt for a strong glue that can adhere to metal by going to your local hardware store and getting recommendations.


man screwing on dishwasher panel

Some dishwasher models will allow you to remove their front panels with a screwdriver. Check to see if this is possible with your model, and if not, move on to procedure 2 for gluing tips. But if you can readily remove this panel, then follow procedure 1 and this project will be that much simpler for you.

Procedure 1. Replace the Dishwasher Panel

If you already have, or plan to get, a panel ready dishwasher, then installation will be a breeze. Simply use a screwdriver to remove your dishwasher’s current panel and any trim pieces that were attached to the bottom and sides.

Next, slide your new matching cabinet door into place. Attach any new trim to the sides of your cabinet panel, and then screw the panel into the dishwasher.

Procedure 2: Glue Cabinet Panel over the Dishwasher

Take the adhesive you chose and apply it to your cabinet’s panel so that you can attach it over the face of your dishwasher. Once attached, this will cause the cabinet panel to stick out from your row of cabinetry slightly, which subtly highlights which cabinet front is actually the dishwasher. Once the panel is glued into place and dried, then glue the matching trim to the sides of the panel.


Sleek modern kitchen

When you hide your dishwasher this way, it creates a seamless and modern look to your kitchen. The great thing is you can do this with just about any other appliance such as your refrigerator. With both hidden, your kitchen cabinets will be fully displayed with seamless beauty. If you are in the market for a new panel ready dishwasher or refrigerator, feel free to give us a call to 1-855-669-5222 or an email to