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Customer Highlight: Laura's Stunning Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Remodel

Customer Highlight: Laura's Stunning Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to home renovation, few projects are as exciting and transformative as a kitchen remodel. Laura, one of our valued customers, embarked on a journey to rejuvenate her 1977 kitchen while preserving its mid-century modern charm. The result? A breathtaking space that seamlessly blends old-world nostalgia with modern functionality.

Embracing the Mid-Century Modern Aesthetic

mid century modern kitchen remodel

The mid-century modern design movement, characterized by clean lines, functional forms, and a touch of nostalgia, has captured the hearts of homeowners and interior enthusiasts alike. Laura's kitchen was no exception. With a vision of preserving the soul of her kitchen while elevating its style, she opted for a mid-century modern makeover.

Honoring the Past: Island Bench Cupboards

sage green slab cabinets

A true testament to Laura's commitment to preserving the essence of her kitchen is her decision to keep the original island bench cabinets. These cupboards, a relic from the past, held sentimental value for Laura and were a key element of the kitchen's history. Instead of discarding them, she chose to breathe new life into them.

Laura embarked on the journey of refinishing the island bench cupboards. The process involved meticulous sanding, staining, and finishing to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. The refreshed island bench now stands as a bridge between the kitchen's heritage and its modern facelift.

A Breath of Fresh Air with CabinetNow Cabinet Doors

sage green cabinets

As part of her commitment to blending vintage aesthetics with contemporary convenience, Laura decided to update her existing cabinets to a sleek slab cabinet door. She opted for refacing her old cabinet doors with CabinetNow’s Modern Turino cabinet doors and drawer fronts in Sage Supermatte, a choice that not only elevated the kitchen's visual appeal but also enhanced its functionality.

The CabinetNow doors, carefully chosen to complement the mid-century modern look, brought a touch of sophistication to the space. Their sleek design and quality craftsmanship added a refined edge to the kitchen's overall aesthetic.

Sage Sophistication: A Touch of Color

sage green cabinet doors

One of the standout features of Laura's kitchen remodel is the masterful use of color. To tie the design together, Laura chose a calming sage green hue that perfectly captures the essence of mid-century modern design. The cabinet boxes, now adorned with CabinetNow doors, were repainted in this elegant shade, creating a seamless transition between the old and the new.

The sage green color not only adds a touch of serenity to the space but also complements the warm tones of the island bench cupboards. This thoughtful color choice showcases Laura's keen eye for design cohesion and her commitment to a harmonious kitchen atmosphere.

The Final Result: A Timeless Kitchen Retreat

sage green cabinet doors

Laura's dedication to preserving the mid-century modern charm of her kitchen while infusing it with modern elements has yielded an awe-inspiring transformation. Her kitchen is now a serene retreat that pays homage to its past while embracing the demands of contemporary living. The combination of original island bench cabinets, Modern Turino cabinet doors and drawer fronts, and the sage color palette creates a kitchen that transcends time and trends.

As we celebrate Laura's kitchen remodel journey, we are reminded of the power of design to bridge eras, evoke emotions, and elevate everyday spaces. Her project stands as a testament to the fact that a well-executed remodel can create a harmonious blend of nostalgia and innovation, resulting in a space that is both functional and full of character.

Are you inspired by Laura's story? If you're considering a kitchen remodel of your own, remember that every choice you make has the potential to contribute to a space that reflects your unique style and values. Just as Laura has embraced her kitchen's history and transformed it into a modern masterpiece, you too can embark on a journey that culminates in a kitchen that tells your personal story. If you are ready to begin today, fill out our free design consult and quote form to get connected with a rep today!