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Hello Spring! 4 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time To Start Planning Your Remodel

Hello Spring! 4 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time To Start Planning Your Remodel

While typically Summer is the most ideal time to dive into a fun DIY project, it is best to start planning and ordering your custom cabinets in the spring. While CabinetNow makes ordering cabinets online an easy process, you may need some time to gather measurements and choose the right style of custom cabinets for your home aesthetic. Not to mention, you must eagerly await for your cabinets to deliver to your door! If you begin planning and starting the order process in the spring you will have them at your doorstep well before summer giving you plenty of time to prepare for other remodeling needs such as ordering new appliances, countertops, and hardware. In this article, we will discuss 4 reasons why you should start your remodel in the warmer months.

1. Better Ventilation

Traditional white kitchen with large windows.

During the warmer months, it's not only more pleasant to be outside but there are also many benefits for your home. You can open up those windows and doors so that the dust from all the work has an easier time escaping as well as making all the paint dry faster!

2. Better Temperatures

The time of year that you choose to remodel your home can have a huge impact on your progress and success. Depending where you live, the spring or summer is by far the best season because there are no winter winds or heavy snowfall getting in the way, making it easier for contractors to work quickly without having any problems with weather conditions. In addition, cold temperatures will also increase drying times for a lot of finishes, so your project will likely take longer as a result. This infographic shows the ideal weather conditions for applying finishes like paint or stain.

3. You Can Use An Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Construction can cause loads of dust and debris in your home, making it the last place you want to cook. With the weather being amazing outside, it’s time to get out the grill and create an outdoor kitchen. So while your kitchen may be a disaster zone, you can enjoy cookouts until the remodeling process ends.

4. Summer Sales

summer sale

The spring and early summer months are a time of year where many businesses have sales. For those of you homeowners and contractors looking to remodel you may also need to purchase appliances and accessories, this is the perfect chance for you! Another great thing to be on the lookout for to save money are local garage sales near you. Be sure to regularly check websites, subscribe to email newsletters, or check your local Facebook page so that you always know when you can find a hot summer sale.

If you are ready to start ordering feel free to contact us or fill out a free design consult and quote form!