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How To Measure For A Drawer Box

How To Measure For A Drawer Box


The perfect way to create more storage in your home is to install one or many drawer boxes. Whether you’re replacing or adding new drawer boxes, measuring them correctly is essential. But measuring for a drawer box can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. Before you start trying to figure it out yourself, here is a step-by-step guide on how to measure for a drawer box.

The only thing you’ll need when measuring your drawer boxes is a measuring tape or ruler. You can then follow these easy steps:

1. Measure The Width And Height

From the opening, you need to measure the width - from side to side horizontally - and height - from top to bottom vertically. The opening is the space that the new box fits in.

2. Pick A Mount

There two types of mount guides that you can choose when installing drawer boxes. Each mount changes the measurements of the opening. Once you’ve decided on the mount guide that suits your drawer, do the following calculations to get the measurements you need:

● For a undermount drawer guide - If you’re using an undermount drawer guide you’ll need to subtract 5/8 from the width of the opening. You’ll then need to subtract 1 from the height of the opening and then round that number off to the nearest whole inch or the nearest whole inch plus 1/4.

● For a side-mount drawer guide - If you’re using a side-mount guide you’ll need to subtract 1 and 1/16 from the width if the opening. You’ll then need to subtract 3/4 from the height of the opening and round off that number to the nearest whole inch or the nearest whole inch plus 1/4.

Our drawer boxes at are available in whole number increments, whole number plus 1/4 increment or a whole number plus 1/2 increment.

3. Measuring The Depth

The next and final step to measure for a drawer box is to measure the depth from the front of the cabinet face to the back of the cabinet. Make sure you measure all the way to the back wall and take note of any obstructions. Obstructions can include electrical boxes, pipes, and cords. If you are replacing an old drawer box, make sure you still take this measurement. Even though your old drawer box might have been 18, your measurements might show that space is bigger.

You want to make full use of the entire space. A standard rule for drawer boxes depth measurements is that you will always need to buy smaller. For example, if the cabinet space measures 22 6/8, you should a 21 deep drawer box.

You do not want to order a drawer box that will not fit into the opening. Once you’ve done all your measurements, you can now contact Cabinet Now with all your collected data. We’ll gladly assist you in choosing from our range of drawer boxes including maple, aspen, cherry and red oak, and help you pick the perfect fit for your cabinet.