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Supply Checklist: Everything You Need To Repair Cabinets

Supply Checklist: Everything You Need To Repair Cabinets

The kitchen cabinet and household furniture manufacturing industry is soon projected to reach an annual revenue of more than $35 billion in the United States alone. Kitchen cabinets are some of the most important features in any kitchen and can have a huge impact on your home’s overall value and appearance. If your cabinets are currently in poor condition, you may be wondering if it’s worth it to purchase brand-new cabinets or if you should simply repair the cabinets you already have.

If you like DIY projects and you opt for the second option, you’ll need to gather the right supplies to repair cabinets as efficiently as possible. Here’s a brief guide detailing the supplies you’ll need to have on hand before you tackle this type of project.

Supplies You Need To Repair Cabinets

Handy tools

Before you can repair your cabinets, you have to gather the essential supplies. Of course, the exact list of tools you’ll need to gather depends on the types of repairs. However, the following lists of items will help you complete most types of cabinet repair projects.

Power Tools

Power tools can make it much easier to quickly repair cabinets and replace parts as needed. Here is a list of the top power tools you’ll want for the job:

  • Screwdriver
  • Electric sander
  • Circular saw
  • Miter saw

Manual Tools

In addition, you may want the following manual tools when you repair your cabinets:

  • Handsaw
  • Hammer
  • Small pry bar

Measuring and Leveling Tools

These tools will help you measure properly to ensure a high degree of accuracy when repairing or replacing parts of your cabinets:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil (for marking measurements)
  • Level
  • Straight edge tool

Tools To Attach the Doors

To attach new door fronts to your cabinets or to repair cabinets properly, you’ll want the following:

  • Nails (#4 finish nails)
  • Screws
  • Wood glue
  • Clamps

These tools will help you repair your cabinets in almost any way. With them you can remove the cabinet doors, remove and replace door fronts as needed, secure new panels into place, and ensure your cabinet doors hang flush.

If you plan to do anything else with your cabinet doors, such as painting or staining them, you’ll need additional tools such as paint rollers, paint brushes, primer and paint. If you want to upgrade the drawers as well as the cabinets, you'll need replacement drawers or drawer fronts as well.

Get What You Need To Repair Cabinets Today

Man repairing cabinet door

Your kitchen is only as beautiful and useful as the kitchen cabinets in it. If your cabinets are looking a little worse for wear and you want to return them to good condition, it may be time to put on your DIY gloves and do some renovating.

When it comes time to repair cabinets, make sure you have all the tools and supplies you need. In addition to basic things like screwdrivers, you may also need cabinet doors or new cabinet boxes. Find these supplies and claim your free design consult and quote from CabinetNow!