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Our Shaker style recessed panel door is a versatile choice, whether as a base for your favorite color or to showcase an elegant wood finish. Its streamlined design is a great fit for any style. Cabinet door shown in Cherry. Cabinet door stile is 2 1/4" and rail is 2 1/4". Minimum width is 6 1/2" and minimum height is 6 1/2". Cabinet door type: Cope N' Stick Inset.

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Shaker is available in the following wood choices:

Paint Grade Maple Frame with MDF Panel - Shaker Cabinet Door

Shaker Paint grade maple frame with MDF panel cabinet doors include frame material of maple with an MDF panel. Cabinet door type: Cope N' Stick Inset. Stile: 2 1/4". Rail: 2 1/4". Shown in Cherry.

Select Red Oak - Shaker Cabinet Door

Shaker Select red oak cabinet doors offer a sturdy wood with a prominent closed and open grain pattern that ranges in tone from light yellow to reddish brown. It can contain streaks of green, yellow and black. Cabinet door type: Cope N' Stick Inset....

Select Beech - Shaker Cabinet Door

Shaker Beech cabinet doors offer a heavy, pale-colored, medium-to-hard wood used widely for chairs and stools. Beech cabinet doors have a fine, tight grain and large medullar rays, similar in appearance to a maple cabinet door or a birch cabinet door....

Natural Birch (Calico) - Shaker Cabinet Door

Shaker Natural birch cabinet doors are similar to but not as consistent in color as maple cabinet doors. Natural birch is an excellent base for solid color cabinet door finishes. Not recommended for darker cabinet door stains due to the various...

Select Maple - Shaker Cabinet Door

Shaker Select maple cabinet doors are uniform-grained, a close hardwood cabinet door that varies in color from cream to white and light browns. Select maple cabinet cabinet doors may exhibit small areas that are reminiscent of bird eyes, curly grain,...

Select Cherry - Shaker Cabinet Door

Shaker Select cherry cabinet doors range in color from white to red and on to a deep, rich brown. Exposure to natural light in the home will cause the color of the cabinet doors to darken over time. The natural wood cabinet door colors will deepen,...

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