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Can You Buy Just the Cabinet Doors?

Can You Buy Just the Cabinet Doors?

Posted by John C. on 2020-09-14

Cabinet doors are the face of your kitchen, so having them look amazing is essential. But being the front of your cabinets, your cabinet doors sees the most bumps, spills, and scratches, especially in a kitchen. The good news is that you can replace your cabinets doors without replacing the entire cabinet. Whether for repairs or refacing, cabinet doors can be bought individually or as collective. To help you make the best decision, here’s a concise guide to purchasing cabinet doors.

Know Your Door Style

There is an array of door styles and designs for you to choose from. Each has its benefits and details that make it unique. Here is a breakdown of popular door styles for you to choose from:

  • Flat Panel Doors: For an affordable option, go with a flat panel. These doors are made with solid wood frames and MDF or plywood panels, and will last you a lifetime. One of the most popular flat panel doors is the clean-lined, simple, and unclutter Shaker design. This collection is both trendy and classic.
  • Slab Doors: Slab doors are simple, sleek, and easy to clean and style.
  • Raised Panel Doors: For the perfect blend of affordability and classic styling, opt for raised panel doors.
  • Thermofoil Doors: If you are looking for a finished door that is easy to install, clean, and comes in a wide variety of colors, a thermofoil door is the best choice for you.Thermofoil is a type of vinyl laminate that is heated and pressurized onto an MDF core.
  • Glass Doors: Also known as mullion and frame only doors, glass cabinet doors can transform your kitchen to be airier and lighter.

Customize Your Door

Now that your door style has been chosen, you need to select your outside edge design. This small customization will enhance the look and feel the room and make your cabinetry the focal point of your kitchen. It is important to remember that not all outside edges work with every door and some doors (like the Thermofoil series) cannot be customized at all.

Pick A Wood & Finish

Finally, you need to pick your wood species and finish for your cabinet doors. Note that some doors do not have all of these options. Thermofoil doors are always a vinyl laminate on an MDF core. Here are a few of your options:

  • Red Oak: Known as traditional wood, red oak has a heavy graining that was popular in the 70s and 80s. This wood species its durable handles stains well, and is very affordable. Red oak does have a red tent, so it is best for medium to dark stains.
  • Alder: Alder is a western wood similar to Cherry. Alder takes on stain relatively evenly, but it is a softer wood, making it not as durable. It is an excellent option for distressing.
  • Maple: This wood species is light in color with heavy density and is extremely durable. The hard maple looks excellent with dark glaze.
  • Cherry: Particularly used in furniture making, Cherry combines a beautiful wood grain and warm color. This wood species will darken over time due to UV light, so opt for a lighter tone when purchasing it.
  • MDF Panel/Paintable Hardwood Frame: This unfinished product is perfect if you are looking for a door you can prime and paint, but is less suitable for stains and clear coat finishes than other material options.
  • Painted or Primed: Colortone finishes offer you a paint-like finish and are available on several wood species. It provides better adhesion and flexibility than paint and is more durable.