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How to Decide between DIY Upper Kitchen Cabinets, Open Shelves, and More.

How to Decide between DIY Upper Kitchen Cabinets, Open Shelves, and More.

Posted by Cabinetnow on 2019-10-30

Wanting to refresh your upper kitchen cabinets but can’t figure out what’s best for your space? To help you decide on what’s right for your kitchen this blog post will give you some ideas on how to decide which upper cabinets or shelving is best for you.

Standard Upper Cabinets

Managing a small kitchen with little to no space?

Having traditional upper cabinets in your home maybe the best choice for you. Upper Kitchen Cabinets can give the heart of the home a clean and tidy look by keeping things tucked away and off the counter-tops. Upper kitchen cabinets can also conceal clutter and disorganization that you may not have time to straighten up. With the right custom sizes that we can help provide your dream kitchen is on its way. Our custom unfinished cabinet doors are made to order, come in a wide variety of wood choices to choose from as well as an extensive selection of door styles. All our doors come unfinished and ready for you to prime and paint. If you find them to be the most suitable for your kitchen, then check some of the best cabinet door designs for you that are easy to do by yourself! If you are interested in styling the doors of the cabinets in different exciting ways, please visit our previous blog post on 10 ideas for kitchen cabinet doors.

Open Shelves

Replacing the upper cabinets with open shelving has become a popular trend in recent years. If you like open space and have very little items in your kitchen installing some simple wooden shelves on your kitchen walls are just the ticket! They will make your kitchen seem more spacious and fits with the minimalist style while still providing storage for everyday essentials.You can keep anything you want on them, just do not let them become loaded with items or the effect will be reversed!

Other Options

Here we have some especially simple, yet interesting do-it-yourself (DIY) upper cabinet ideas for your kitchen! The most simple thing is taking off your cabinet doors and have just the cabinets boxes exposed. This will be a take on open shelving however it gives you a closed space on the sides to then expose only the front of the shelves displaying your best kitchen items. Another option is to go on and change your cabinet doors to glass cabinet door panels, that will let you see the contents.This gives you a way to display your dishes and other kitchen appliances. In turn, this will give you the opportunity to consolidate and organize your kitchen items. Lastly, You can succeed in creating a new design without the glass doors and add chicken wire in place of on our custom glass cabinet doors. For more ideas on Kitchen cabinet door ideas please visit our previous blog

In the end, the most important way to decide on what upper cabinets is best is by looking at available space and the functions that you need from your kitchen. We hope this article gave you plenty of inspiration on how to design your upper kitchen cabinets for your kitchen!