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Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets Modernize A 1970's Lake House Kitchen

Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets Modernize A 1970's Lake House Kitchen

Kitchen remodels can be expensive, especially if you choose to fully gut your kitchen. If you own a beach, lake, or Airbnb property we understand that any renovations for an extra property can get pricey on top of expenses for your main home. Jenny chose an affordable DIY route of refacing only her kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts in her lake house. Keep reading to see exactly how you can do the same in your home!

The 70’s Kitchen Before Reveal

70's kitchen

While this nostalgic 70’s kitchen is a gem to look at, Jenny was in desperate need for new cabinets to brighten and add color to her kitchen. Not to mention, the cabinet doors in her 70’s kitchen were laminate and she wanted solid hardwood cabinet doors for an everlasting touch. Because the cabinet boxes were sturdy and in good condition, she knew cabinet refacing would be a perfect option to affordably update this kitchen.

Ordering New Cabinet Doors Online

shaker cabinet doors

Ordering cabinet doors online is easy with CabinetNow. We walk you through the process of measuring and choosing the array of custom cabinet options for your new cabinet doors.

  1. The first step was to order new cabinet doors. Since Jenny chose to reface her kitchen cabinets, taking measurements was simple. She just took individual measurements of each cabinet door and drawer front from her old cabinet fronts. 
    “If you try to tweak the measurements, you might run into issues with the doors fitting the frames properly. (This is one of those times I would recommend measuring 10 times and ordering once!)”


  2. Next, you will need to choose a wood species and finish for your cabinet doors. “If you plan to paint your cabinet doors, I would recommend an unfinished paintable veneer panel with hardwood frames. You could also select a MDF interior panel, but I prefer to paint the same surface material, and a veneer panel will be covered with a thin layer of unfinished wood.”
  3. Once you have chosen the type of wood species and finish, you will then choose the style of cabinet door you are most interested in. We have hundreds of options to choose from so have fun with it! Jenny chose our shaker cabinet doors and drawer fronts for a simple, yet modern look.
  4. Then you choose additional custom features such as if you would like the option to bore holes in the cabinet doors for hinges or if you would like to add glass panels for your cabinet doors.
  5. Lastly, it is time to order!

If you need assistance with anything from measuring to ordering please contact us or fill out a custom cabinet request form to work side by side with a designer through every step of the way!

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Two-toned white and blue kitchen

Once Jenny placed her order for her new shaker cabinet doors and drawer fronts, she began the DIY process. She decided on two stunning colors for a two-toned effect. The base cabinets were painted in Advance Alkyd paint from Benjamin Moore in Polo Blue, while the upper cabinets were painted with Behr Alkyd paint in white. Both paints were a satin finish.

refacing kitchen cabinets

Once she decided on the two colors, she removed her old cabinet fronts and painted the cabinet boxes to match the cabinet doors. Then painted her new cabinet doors the same colors.

Wrapping Up

In addition to refacing her cabinets, Jenny added gold hardware that really tied the whole project together for an elegant upgrade. Read more about her project on her blog, Refresh Living.

Navy blue kitchen

If you are ready to start your cabinetry project and need assistance contact us or fill out our custom cabinetry request form to work with our designers!