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How Tall Should Your Bathroom Sink Be?

How Tall Should Your Bathroom Sink Be?


Whether it is a full or half bath, your bathroom needs to have a sink. It should be practical and accessible for everyone who uses it, because if it is too tall or too short then others may not be able to properly wash up. Often, you find fixed sizes for new vanities, but there are also a wide variety of custom products available. Unless you are planning to tear down walls, you will be limited by your available space and the current configuration of your plumbing.

A small bathroom with a single bathroom vanity.

In this quick guide, we will take a look at some of the considerations you will need to take into account when updating your bathroom vanity. In addition to size, you will also need to plan whether it will be a double or single vanity, the style of the sink bowl, and of course the number of cabinets and drawers. Hopefully, our guide will help you get your new bathroom plan rolling.


Bathroom Sink Configuration

The most common types of bathroom sink you might encounter follow:

  • Freestanding Pedestal Basins incorporate a central column that hides the pipework that supplies water.
  • Inset sinks are positioned into the cabinet tops.
  • Molded (inset) sink units incorporate both a sink and worktop. They are designed to be positioned so that the lip of the work surface fits neatly over the edge of the cabinet.

A modern bathroom with a floating bathroom vanity.

The molded, or inset, sinks are the most common in the US. These can be a great choice that takes care of both your sink and countertop decisions. As you browse options, be sure to take into account how you and your housemates typically use the space. If you have lots of items that use in the morning, you probably want to look for larger countertop options or vanities that feature lots of drawers.

What is the Best Height for Bathroom Sinks?

If you are the only one using the bathroom, finding a vanity will be easier. If you are on the taller side, you will want to explore options closer to 36 inches in height. However, if you have housemates, you should also consider the way others use the space. For bathrooms that children use, you will need to find a smaller vanity option around the 28” range. In addition, you should also consider accessibility for your space.

Final Thoughts on Bathroom Vanities

A traditional bathroom with Corpus Christi cabinet doors.

While this blog provides some basic guidelines, the final decisions on your bathroom vanity should be based on your needs. If you chose custom options, then finding your perfect vanity will be no issue. If you are ready to start ordering, or if you have questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-855-669-5222 or an email to Our team can help you find, or design, the perfect vanity for you!