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A Charming Black DIY Kitchen With Eye-Catching Details

A Charming Black DIY Kitchen With Eye-Catching Details

Embarking on a journey of kitchen renovation, Kathy, a valued CabinetNow customer and homeowner with a keen eye for design, found herself faced with a daunting challenge. Her newly acquired home harbored a kitchen straight out of a bygone era—adorned with tired orangey wood, devoid of a backsplash, and clad in laminate flooring reminiscent of a 90s aesthetic. Little did she know, this space would become the canvas for her remarkable transformation with the assistance of CabinetNow into a charming and modern black kitchen straight out of Pinterest!

The Before

older kitchen

Before Kathy embarked on her kitchen transformation journey, she found herself facing a space entrenched in the aesthetics of decades past—a relic of orangey wood, devoid of modern flair or functionality. The kitchen exuded a nostalgic aura, reminiscent of the 90s or the cookie-cutter design often found in older homes.

The dominant feature of the space was the outdated cabinetry, adorned in an unappealing orangey hue that clashed with any attempt at contemporary styling. Lacking a backsplash, the walls stood bare, devoid of any decorative or functional elements. The laminate wood flooring, while once a popular choice, now appeared worn and out of place, adding to the overall dated aesthetic of the room.

Revealing the Kitchen's True Condition

older kitchen

Kathy's journey to kitchen renovation began with the purchase of an older home—a decision driven by the promise of potential but tinged with the reality of necessary work. It was during the exploration of her new purchase that Kathy stumbled upon a startling discovery—the kitchen cabinets, which had appeared pristine at first glance, were in a state of disrepair.

Upon closer inspection, Kathy found that the cabinets were peeling, revealing the true extent of the kitchen's neglect, evident in the deteriorating laminate and finishes.

The Challenge: Refacing versus Replacement

Faced with the reality of her kitchen's condition, Kathy was presented with a pivotal decision—whether to embark on a complete replacement of the cabinets or pursue a more targeted approach to renovation. The bases for all of the upper and lower cabinets were solid wood and in great shape. It made no sense to start over but they were tempted to do just that until they found us! Despite the temptation to start afresh, Kathy recognized the inherent value in preserving the solid wood bases of the existing cabinets.

Driven by a desire to retain the kitchen's structural integrity while breathing new life into its appearance, Kathy decided to reface the existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts—a choice that would ultimately serve as the foundation for her remarkable transformation with CabinetNow.

Not only was she able to transform her kitchen with this approach, but she saved thousands of dollars by choosing to reface her kitchen cabinets by replacing only the cabinet doors and drawer fronts rather than gutting out the kitchen.

Solution: CabinetNow to the Rescue

CabinetNow offered Kathy a range of features and options that made her kitchen renovation project a seamless and personalized experience:

  • Flexibility and Customization: CabinetNow provided the flexibility to order brand new cabinet doors and drawer fronts in custom sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for Kathy's unique kitchen layout.
  • Custom Style and Material: With a diverse selection of styles and materials to choose from, Kathy was able to personalize her cabinet doors and drawer fronts to match her desired aesthetic, whether it be modern, traditional, or somewhere in between.
  • Hinge Boring Option: The option to have holes bored for hinges simplified the installation process, eliminating the need for additional drilling or modifications and ensuring a precise fit.

For her project, Kathy selected the following CabinetNow products:

Bronco cabinet doors

Bronco drawer front

With CabinetNow's comprehensive range of features and options, Kathy was able to bring her vision to life with ease, creating a kitchen space that was both functional and stylish.

Painting the Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

Kathy's decision to opt for CabinetNow's pre-primed cabinet doors stemmed from a desire for convenience and efficiency in her kitchen renovation project. By choosing pre-primed doors, Kathy could skip the labor-intensive priming process, saving both time and effort while streamlining the painting process.

Black kitchen cabinets

With CabinetNow's pre-primed cabinet doors as her canvas, Kathy embarked on a transformative journey, envisioning a bold departure from the outdated orangey wood to a sleek and sophisticated black finish. The pre-primed surface provided the perfect foundation for Kathy's desired aesthetic, offering a smooth and even base for her chosen paint color.

With precision and care, she applied a rich black paint to the primed surface, transforming the once-plain doors into striking focal points within her kitchen space.

To further enhance the allure of her black cabinets, Kathy added a subtle sheen, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall aesthetic. This finishing touch not only accentuated the depth and richness of the black hue but also imbued the cabinets with a luxurious sheen, elevating their appearance to new heights.

The result of Kathy's meticulous painting process was a set of black cabinets that exuded timeless charm and modern elegance. With CabinetNow's pre-primed doors as her starting point, Kathy was able to achieve a flawless finish that breathed new life into her kitchen space, transforming it into a stylish and sophisticated haven that perfectly reflected her unique sense of style and taste.

Eye-Catching Details

In addition to painting the cabinet doors, Kathy carefully selected a range of complementary details to enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of her kitchen space.

Cabinet Knobs

black cabinet doors

Firstly, Kathy chose dainty silver knobs to adorn her newly painted cabinet doors, adding a touch of elegance and refinement to the sleek black surfaces. These understated yet chic accessories served as the perfect accent, seamlessly blending with the modern aesthetic while providing a practical means of opening and closing the cabinets.


black cabinets with cream backsplash

To further enhance the visual impact of the black cabinets, Kathy opted for a neutral beige tile backsplash. The subtle tones of the backsplash not only provided a harmonious contrast to the bold black cabinets, allowing them to stand out as focal points within the space, but also added a modern touch to the overall aesthetic. The neutral backdrop served to create a sense of balance and cohesion, tying together the various elements of the kitchen design while infusing the space with contemporary elegance.


black cabinets with white marble

For countertops, Kathy chose to embrace the timeless allure of cream-colored marble. The sleek and luxurious surface added a touch of sophistication to the space while providing a durable and practical work surface for meal preparation and cooking activities. The creamy tones of the marble complemented the neutral palette of the backsplash, creating a cohesive and harmonious look throughout the kitchen.


black cabinets with black and white tile

In a bid to inject personality and character into her kitchen, Kathy introduced intricate patterned tile designs in black and white. These striking patterns served as statement pieces within the space, adding visual interest and depth to the overall design. By incorporating elements of black and white into the tile designs, Kathy achieved a cohesive and balanced look that tied in seamlessly with the modern black aesthetic of her cabinets.

The result of Kathy's meticulous attention to detail was a modern black kitchen dream—a space that seamlessly combined contemporary elements with timeless elegance. From the sleek black cabinets to the luxurious marble countertops and intricate tile designs, every aspect of the design was carefully curated to reflect Kathy's unique sense of style and create a space that was both functional and visually stunning.

DIY Experience

Kathy's DIY experience played a pivotal role in guiding her decision-making process throughout her kitchen renovation journey. Drawing upon her knowledge of home improvement and cost analysis, Kathy recognized the significant financial implications of replacing the entire kitchen cabinet area versus opting for a targeted upgrade for refacing just the cabinet doors.

Understanding the potential savings and efficiency gains associated with a more focused approach, Kathy made the strategic decision to explore alternatives to wholesale cabinet replacement. This led her to discover CabinetNow—a revelation that would ultimately streamline her renovation process and exceed her expectations in terms of premium quality and service.

bronco cabinet door

From the moment Kathy engaged with CabinetNow, she was impressed by the ease and efficiency of the process. Ordering samples allowed her to assess the quality of the doors firsthand, and she was pleasantly surprised by the weight and premium-quality craftsmanship of the product. This initial interaction instilled confidence in Kathy, reassuring her that she had made the right choice in partnering with CabinetNow for her renovation project.

As Kathy navigated the renovation process, she found herself continually impressed by the level of support and expertise provided by CabinetNow. From personalized guidance in selecting the right products to seamless communication throughout the ordering and delivery process, Kathy found that working with CabinetNow was nothing short of mind-blowing.

The ease and efficiency with which Kathy was able to navigate the renovation process, coupled with the exceptional quality of the products she received, reaffirmed her decision to take a DIY approach to her kitchen renovation. By leveraging her expertise and partnering with CabinetNow, Kathy was able to achieve professional-grade results while maximizing cost savings and minimizing disruption to her daily life.

Working with a Dedicated Rep

Throughout Kathy's project, the collaboration with CabinetNow's dedicated sales representative proved to be instrumental in ensuring a seamless and successful renovation experience. From the outset, Kathy worked closely with her sales rep to navigate the complexities of ordering multiple cabinet doors online and coordinating the precise specifications required for her kitchen renovation.

bore options

One of the standout aspects of working with the dedicated sales representative was the meticulous attention to detail and precision in the placement of prebore holes for her hinges and the custom dimensions of the doors. Kathy was impressed by the level of accuracy achieved, which contributed to the seamless installation of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. This precision not only enhanced the visual appeal of the finished product but also underscored CabinetNow's commitment to premium quality and craftsmanship.

Communication was key throughout the process, and Kathy found that working with her dedicated sales rep was effortless and efficient. Whether discussing product options, addressing questions or concerns, or providing updates on the status of her order, the sales rep proved to be a reliable and responsive point of contact. This open line of communication fostered a collaborative atmosphere, allowing Kathy to feel confident and supported at every stage of the renovation process.

Furthermore, Kathy was impressed by the promptness of the sales rep's turnaround time for quotes. In a project where timing is of the essence, this quick and efficient service was invaluable, allowing Kathy to plan and budget effectively without unnecessary delays.

Overall, the partnership with CabinetNow's dedicated sales representative exemplified the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence. Through clear communication, attention to detail, and prompt service, the sales rep played a crucial role in ensuring that Kathy's renovation project exceeded expectations and resulted in a kitchen space that was both functional and visually stunning. If you are interested in working with a sales rep for a free quote on cabinet doors please fill out our Free Quote for Refacing Cabinets form to get started.


black kitchen cabinets

In Kathy's remarkable journey of kitchen renovation, her discerning eye for design transformed a dated space into a modern masterpiece, thanks to the invaluable assistance of CabinetNow. Facing a daunting challenge upon acquiring her new home—a kitchen trapped in a bygone era with worn-out features and lackluster aesthetics—Kathy's determination led her to embark on a transformative renovation with CabinetNow as her trusted partner.

Beginning with the revelation of her kitchen's true condition, Kathy's decision to reface rather than replace her cabinets paved the way for a cost-effective and efficient renovation process. CabinetNow's offerings provided Kathy with unparalleled flexibility and customization, ensuring that her vision for a modern, yet timeless kitchen could be realized with precision and finesse.

From the selection of pre-primed cabinet doors to the meticulous painting process that breathed new life into her cabinets, Kathy's attention to detail was evident in every aspect of her renovation. Complemented by carefully chosen details such as dainty silver knobs, a neutral beige tile backsplash, and sleek cream-colored marble countertops, Kathy's kitchen became a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

Moreover, Kathy's DIY experience, coupled with the seamless collaboration with a dedicated sales representative from CabinetNow, elevated her renovation journey to new heights. From personalized guidance to precise measurements and prompt quotes, the partnership ensured that Kathy's expectations were not only met but exceeded at every turn.

In conclusion, Kathy's kitchen renovation with CabinetNow stands as a testament to the transformative power of vision, dedication, and collaboration. From the initial challenges to the final reveal, Kathy's journey exemplifies the potential for remarkable transformation when passion meets premium quality and expertise. If you're considering embarking on your own kitchen renovation journey, let Kathy's experience with CabinetNow inspire you to turn your vision into reality with confidence and excellence. If you are ready to get started on your cabinetry project please contact us or fill out a quote form today!