Executive 5 Piece Drawer Fronts

$62.80 /sqft
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Our Executive 5 piece drawer fronts are a luxurious addition to your kitchen remodel. This unfinished drawer front is beautifully crafted and features a raised panel and inside edging detail that brings out the true elegance of its design. Choose from a variety of unfinished wood options for this replacement drawer front.

  • Thickness: 7/8"
  • Panel: P049
  • Inside Edge: IE016
  • Outside Edge: OE031
  • Stile: 3"
  • Rail: 1 3/4"
  • Min Width: 9
  • Max Width: 33
  • Min Height: 6.5
  • Max Height: 10
  • Joint Style: Cope-and-Stick
  • Panel Type: Raised
  • Panel Shape: Square

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