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Crafting a DIY Home Bar with Cabinets

Crafting a DIY Home Bar with Cabinets


If you want your own personal bar in your home without breaking the bank, DIY is a great option. Purchasing a pre-made home bar can be expensive, and that does not include installation costs. However, with a couple of cabinet boxes and effort, you can create the next trendy bar right in your own home. In this blog, we are going to take a look at some of the considerations for and installation of a home bar. 

A home bar with white cabinet and glass panel wall cabinets.

Home Bar Materials

A DIY bar can be made using standard vanity or base cabinet boxes. The number of required cabinets you need depends on how wide the finished product will need to be. At CabinetNow, we offer base and wall cabinet boxes in custom sizing and with custom configurations. 

A two double vanity cabinet box.

Choosing the Location

Where should you build your new wet or dry bar? Ask yourself some important questions before you start, like:

  • What kind of atmosphere do I want to create with my bar?
  • What is my budget for this project? On that budget, what is a “must-have” and could be cut if need be?
A small, bright home bar with a wine cooler.

For most convenient use, try to note the general flow of foot traffic within your household and pick a spot for your bar that’s near a wall and away from any high-traffic areas.

Wet Bar or Dry Bar?

If you want a wet bar with running water, ensure there's access to the necessary water line near your area of installation. This way, you will not have to install a new water line for your bar, which could require professional assistance.

Dry bars, on the other hand, do not have access to a sink. They can be installed virtually anywhere throughout your home, which means you do not have to worry about plumbing. These types of bars still look neat and attractive even without water taps, but make sure they're well-stocked!

Installing your Bar

Remember: To best keep your cabinets even and flush, find the highest point of your floor and install the cabinets at that height. You’ll likely need to use shims during this process.

Start constructing your bar by installing a row of base cabinets in the spot you’ve designated. This will also act as the base for your bar.

A bar isn’t really a bar without a nice countertop. Install one atop your row of base cabinets. There are a wide variety of materials to choose from wood, quartz, granite, and epoxy resin, and so it won’t be hard to match it with the rest of your home's décor or preferred theme.

The overhang distance of your counter will vary depending on the bar’s intended functionality. For example, a standing bar works well with an overhang that reaches between about 6 to 9 inches, while a bar with stools should have at least 12 inches of an overhang to create a longer nook to push stools under.

Putting on the Final Touches

Once your home bar is built, it’s time to wrap up the project with some finishing touches.

If you want to increase your bar's storage capacity, consider hanging wall cabinets above your bar. Wine racks are easily accessible when installed in wall cabinets, and hanging glass racks are also useful great additions that can be added to your cabinets.

If your home bar is far from your kitchen, consider installing a mini-fridge under the countertop for additional convenience without taking up too much room!

Add battery-powered LED lights to the bottom of any overhead cabinets, or behind glass doors in your base cabinets. Not only will the LED lights give you a spotlight for drink crafting, but they will also make your home bar feel bigger. This will create an aesthetically appealing and functional way to lighting up your bar without requiring electrical work!

Final Thoughts

The true fun of any DIY adventure comes from the personal touches you can bring to your project. So get creative with improving upon and decorating the design of your bar, and don’t hold back! If you would like to see great DIY bar project, check our Rock Solid Rustic's guide. If you are looking for a fun DIY home project, but already have a bar, then check out these fun ideas!

A small, built-in home bar with a min-fridge.

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