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5 Popular Cabinet Door Styles in 2023

5 Popular Cabinet Door Styles in 2023

CabinetNow’s most popular cabinet doors of 2023 consist of contemporary, yet timeless styles. Aside from the beloved classic Shaker cabinet doors that never go out of style, let’s talk about some other chic options our customers are loving. These cabinet door features range from thinner stiles and rails to sleek slabs of wood creating a streamlined and seamless appearance that is highly sought after in today’s design trends. CabinetNow’s popular minimalist styles offer materials including solid wood and stylish laminate allowing you to choose from hundreds of colors and wood species. Each customer has the ability to customize the look and feel of their cabinet preferences.

1. Valencia Slab Cabinet Door

unfinished wood cabinet door

CabinetNow's Valencia cabinet doors provide a practical and versatile wholesale cabinet style that can complement any aesthetic in your home. The solid wood replacement door front is exquisitely crafted using premium unfinished wood materials. With its sleek slab design, the Valencia cabinet door offers plenty of personal customization options, whether that be the perfect paint color or stain that enhances the natural beauty of its wood grain. Pair these cabinet doors with the matching Valencia solid drawer front for an overall sleek look in your kitchen. Whether you are renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or any other living space, the Valencia cabinet door provides an elegant and polished solution to your cabinetry needs.

2. Modern Shaker Slim Cabinet Door

modern shaker cabinet door

For those seeking a contemporary and minimalistic look in their kitchen or bathroom, the modern Shaker Slim cabinet doors are a highly favored option. These cabinet doors are a modern twist to the original shaker cabinet doors featuring slimmer stiles and rails for a more smooth and streamlined appearance. With a diverse range of customizable materials to choose from, you can personalize the doors to match your unique taste and preference. In addition to the cabinet doors, the Shaker Slim also includes a matching drawer front to ensure a consistent aesthetic throughout your cabinetry.

3. Modern Elegante II Cabinet Doors