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The Benefits Of Kitchen Islands

The Benefits Of Kitchen Islands

Adding a kitchen island has many practical, functional and decorative benefits. With the variety of options in style and use, adding a kitchen island can add a whole new dimension to the room. Adding a kitchen island is not easy, but if you’re remodeling, it might be a perfect time add one.

Here are five benefits of a kitchen island that you might not have thought of:

  • Additional Storage Space

    A functional benefit of a kitchen island is the extra storage space. If you need storage, adding an island with cabinets or shelving will solve your problem. You’ll also be able to customize this space. You can create unique storage for wine bottles, mini fridges, microwaves, and utensils.

  • More Seating

    Having too little seating can be frustrating. By adding a kitchen island, you immediately create more seating for friends and family. Depending on the size of your island, you can seat between two and six people. With the extra seating, the island can also be a used as a space for your kids to their homework or enjoy breakfast.

  • Space for Extra Appliances and Outlets

    By adding more counter space to your kitchen with an island, you’ll be able to add extra appliances and outlets. You can add a stove top, an oven or a sink to create your dream kitchen island. But keep in mind that gas, electricity, and plumbing need to be hooked up to your island. By adding an electrical outlet, you can also add any appliances like an espresso machine.

  • A New Workstation

    A shaker kitchen

    Whether you run a catering company or need more space to cook, a kitchen island adds a new workstation. Alternatively, you can turn this counter space to a work space for your kids or as a home office space. The possibility for your new kitchen island workstation is countless.

  • An Awesome Focal Point

    Besides the functional uses, an island can also highlight the overall style of your kitchen. It gives your guests something to focus on other than your wall cabinets and fridge. You can take advantage of this new focal point by adding elements that show off your personality. You can use this space to display your favorite cookbooks or your favorite a bunch of flowers. It also gives guests somewhere to huddle around when gathering in the kitchen.

  • Now that you know the top five benefits of a kitchen island, deciding whether to get an island or not is up to you. If you do decide to get a kitchen island, visit to pick and purchase storage cabinets online. Plus, we’ll deliver your cabinets directly to your doorstep.