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How to Clean Your Cabinets like a Pro

How to Clean Your Cabinets like a Pro

Best cabinet care practices aren't always easy to come by. With so many different options in cabinet doors, types of cleaners, and cleaning materials, it can be hard to know who to trust. At, we are experts at saving you time and money to make your cabinets last a long time.

We know you put a lot of time (and money!) into your kitchen renovations. That’s why we want to help you preserve your cabinets and make them look just as amazing 10 years from now as they did when you first installed them.

1. Use A Basic Water And Soap Mixture (Laundry Detergent Works Great) And Clean Rag To Wipe Down Surfaces To Clean Cabinets.

2. Always Spot Test Any Cleaning Solution In A Small Area First To Avoid Discoloration.

3. Avoid Vigorous Scrubbing As It Can Alter The Finish Of Your Doors.

4. Keep A Can Of Your Paint, Finish Or Sealant Nearby So That You Can Fix Any Small Dings, Scratches Or Discolorations. This Is Especially Prevalent Around The Hardware.

5. Lubricate Your Hinges Every Year To Extend The Life And Durability Of Your Cabinets!

And there you have it! Quick and easy tips that will greatly increase not only the look of your cabinets, but also their longevity and life!