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How To Install A Pull-Out Drawer

How To Install A Pull-Out Drawer


The benefits of this trendy drawer style are plain enough to see, and better yet, pull-out drawers also happen to be incredibly simple to install. To learn how, just check out the following short guide.


For this project, all you'll need is a cabinet box with shelves, pull-out drawers and their connecting bases (which should be included with purchase), and to gather up some basic household supplies.

  • Pull-Out Drawer
  • Drawer Mount
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill and Screws

*Note: It is important that before you purchase any pull-out drawer, you have measured the interior space of your cabinet box and its shelves so that you can acquire appropriately sized drawers that have room to freely slide in and out of the cabinet.

How To Install

  1. Measure and Mark

    As with most any project, the first thing you will want to do is measure out the space you will be working with. It may also be helpful to remove the doors of the cabinet at this point to give yourself easier access during installation.

    Since your pull-out drawer is ultimately going to be mounted to a sliding base, measure the interior of your cabinets shelf and compare it with the dimensions of the base to accurately align the base to the shelf center. Room should be left on both sides so the drawer will be able to comfortably slide. When the base is in it's intended position, use a pencil to lightly mark the location of the screw holes found within the mount onto the surface of the shelf.

  2. Predrill Holes

    While it would be possible to drill down through the holes of the base while it is already in place, measuring and predrilling is a safer and more assured method of accurately installing your drawers sliding mount. Remove the base, then grab your drill and an appropriately sized drill bit that corresponds to the screws you will be using.

    Next, carefully predrill a hole into each marked space you've made on the shelf. These will be the holes that you will use to connect your sliding base to the cabinets shelf.

  3. Screw Base to Shelf

    Reinsert the sliding base to its intended position, making sure that each of the screw holes align with the predrilled holes you just made in the shelf. Once it is in place screw the mount to the shelf, one hole at a time, until the base is completely secure. The moving part of the base should now be able to freely slide in and out of your cabinet box.

  4. Insert the Pull-Out Drawer

    Now for the last, and thankfully, the easiest step of the entire project. With your base installed, all you need to do is attach the pull-out drawer to the mechanism of its corresponding base. Since pull-out drawers and their bases are made for one another, and packaged together, this should be as simple as sliding the drawer directly into the front of the base. And with that, your pull-out drawer should be all finished!

Now just repeat these steps for as many pull-out drawers as you wish to install into your cabinet box, and you'll be free to enjoy your freshly updated cabinet system and all the new benefits it provides!