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5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger With Cabinets

5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger With Cabinets

Posted by John C. on 2018-03-14

When renovating your bathroom, it is unlikely that you’ll change your floor plan or knock down a wall. To create more space or the illusion of more space in your bathroom you need to get creative. To help you along, here are five ways to make your bathroom look bigger with cabinets.

1. Use The Right Color On Your Cabinets

Besides using the right color on the walls, you need to choose the right color for your cabinets. The right color can create the illusion of more space. By using pale colors on your cabinets, you increase the brightness in your bathroom. If you decide to use wallpaper instead of paint, make sure that you avoid dark colors and heavy patterns. Instead, use wallpaper that has a pale base and a soft pattern.

2. Add Mirrors In Strategic Areas

A popular way to make any room look bigger - especially in restaurants and cafes - is by adding mirrors. By placing mirrors in strategic area creates the illusion of more space. Wide horizontal mirrors and vertical mirrors create different visual illusions. A wide horizontal mirror which will produce the effect of extending a space. A vertical mirror creates the illusion of a raised ceiling height. By placing a mirror on a cabinet door opposite a window will capture the incoming light. The light reflects in the room and will give the illusion that the walls aren't there.

3. Use Lighting To Create Space

Lighting has a way of tricking your eyes. It makes the walls of your bathroom look further apart than they actually are. Whether you add under cabinet lighting or lighting above your cabinet, you can create this illusion. Because these are low-light areas, you should opt to use higher wattage bulbs.

4. Create More Floor Space

Maximize your floor space by installing wall suspended storage units like shelves and wall recesses. This technique creates storage that does not take up your floor space. It is also cost effective. This type of storage is ideal for storing various toiletries. Additionally, you can add towel racks to the back of the door to create storage.

5. Get Rid Of Clutter

As with all rooms in your home, less is always more. In your bathroom having too much stuff and clutter can make it feel cramped and look small. Whether it is toiletries or spare towels, eliminating clutter will make your bathroom look bigger (and cleaner). You can do this by installing an extra storage cabinet in your bathroom.

Now that you know the ways to make your bathroom look bigger with cabinets, it's time to purchase them. For the simplest way to purchase cabinets, visit Cabinet Now. With a few clicks, you can select your cabinets, buy it and have it delivered to your doorstep!