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Cabinet Door Options: Putting On A Pretty Face

Cabinet Door Options: Putting On A Pretty Face


If you’re the kind of shopper who has trouble making up his or her mind, then you’re going to need a little extra time to pick out cabinet doors for your kitchen-refacing project. That’s because we currently offer nearly 180 different doors, covering styles ranging from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. And our doors come in nine different wood species, making your choice even more challenging.

Of course the upside of all these options is that you’re absolutely sure to find the perfect door for your new kitchen at a price that fits your budget.

Our cabinet doors are divided into seven design categories, and within each category are dozens of different door styles. As you consider your options, keep in mind that our wood doors come in both stain-grade and paint-grade, allowing you to apply the finish and color of your choice. We also offer a line of ready-to-install Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) doors, which feature a durable vinyl coating that’s scrubbable and extremely low maintenance. And after choosing the doors, don’t forget to order matching drawer fronts, as well. Now, let’s take a closer look at the seven categories of door designs.

Square Recessed Panel

A square recessed panel cabinet door

Square recessed panel doors offer quality construction and traditional styling at an affordable price. Each door has a hardwood frame and flat, recessed panel cut from plywood or MDF (medium-density fiberboard). The door shown here is made of natural birch and features a mitered frame. Most cabinet-door frames are square-butted at the corner joints. It’s available in two paint-grade types and 16 stain-grade wood species.

Square Raised Panel

A square raised panel cabinet door

A square raised panel door represents the most traditional—and popular—of all cabinet-door styles. It consists of a solid-wood frame and raised panel, which is also cut from solid wood. We offer 41 different styles of square raised panel doors, including the cherry door shown here that features extra-broad 3-in.-wide stiles and rails. (Stiles are the vertical parts of the door’s perimeter frame; rails are the horizontal parts.) It’s available in four paint-grade types and 15 stain-grade wood species.

Arch Recessed Panel

An arch recessed panel cabinet door

This style is similar to square recessed panel doors, except for one distinct difference: there’s a gentle arch cut into the upper rail and panel. The red-oak door shown at right represents one of 22 styles of arch recessed panel doors currently available. It comes in four paint-grade types and 14 stain-grade wood species. If you’re looking for an arched door with a little more style and architectural interest, check out the ones with an eyebrow or scalloped arch. Or, see the double-arch doors that have an arch cut into both the upper and lower rail.

Arch Raised Panel

An arch raised panel cabinet door

An arch raised panel door is very much like an arch recessed panel door, except that it has a raised panel cut from solid wood. The cabinet door shown here is made of select white maple and features an attractive scalloped arch. Choose from four paint-grade and 15 stain-grade wood species.

Shaker Doors

A shaker cabinet door

Shaker-style doors are revered for being simple, yet elegant. They feature a hardwood frame and flat door panel. Traditional Shaker doors, like the one shown here, are made out of cherry, but we also offer Shaker doors in alder, red oak, white oak, beech, poplar, birch, maple, knotty pine, hickory and walnut.

Plank Doors

A plank cabinet door

Plank doors, which are also known as flush-panel doors or slab doors, are ideal for contemporary-style kitchens. Each door has an MDF core that’s edge banded with solid hardwood and then covered on the front and back with high-quality wood veneer. The door shown at right is veneered in cherry, but can also be ordered in birch, white oak, red oak, beech, walnut, alder, maple and hickory. It’s also available in paint-grade raw MDF.

Rigid Thermofoil

A rigid thermofoil cabinet door

At first glance, this attractive door appears to be an arch raised panel door made of walnut hardwood. But it’s actually a rigid thermofoil (RTF) door, which consists of a thin layer of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) bonded to an MDF core. The result is a door that looks like wood, but wears like iron. Rigid thermofoil is resilient, easy to clean and extremely stain- and scratch-resistant. We offer an astonishing 63 different RTF doors in a wide range of colors, wood-grain patterns and styles, including those that resemble raised panel, recessed panel and plank doors.

Glass-Pane Doors

Glass-pane doors aren’t a separate category, but instead represent several different door styles that are available in five of the seven design categories. (Plank and RTF don’t offer glass-pane doors.) The four doors shown above represent just a small sampling of the dozens of glass-pane styles currently available. When ordering this style door, note that the glass panes are not included.

A glass pane cabinet door with french litesA glass pane cabinet door with arched panelA french lites glass cabinet door with double arched panelA glass pane cabinet door with square recessed panel