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​What Are Ribbed Cabinet Doors?

​What Are Ribbed Cabinet Doors?

When your clients want a timeless look but still crave an edgy style, talk to them about the latest trend in cabinetry: ribbed cabinet doors. Also called reeded cabinetry, this new style is a revamped version of popular Shaker-style cabinetry. You can use these cabinet doors to add a design flair to a kitchen renovation, but they also work well in other rooms of the house.

What Are Ribbed Cabinet Doors?

Ribbed doors introduce texture and depth to shaker-style cabinets. Shaker cabinetry features a simple, straightforward profile with a thick frame surrounding a bare inset panel. This classic style has graced countless kitchens and will continue to do so in the future. On the other hand, reeded cabinetry provides an update to the shaker look. Rather than having a bare inset panel, this type of cabinetry has an inset panel with ribbed pieces of wood that look like tight-fitting dowels. Some reeded cabinets have abandoned the shaker profile and instead feature the ribbed look on frameless cabinets.

How Can You Integrate Ribbed Cabinet Doors Into Your Client's Home?

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If your client's home already features shaker cabinetry, you can fashion wooden ribbed panels into their bare inset panels. This can be an affordable way to completely transform the entire look of any room. Ribbed cabinet doors are eye-catching and add visual interest to classic shaker cabinetry.

Reeded cabinetry is also making its way into accessory pieces of furniture such as lamps and side tables. If a client wants to try this style but is not sure if that style will work in their home, you can recommend introducing ribbed doors in more subtle places, such as a storage cabinet in a mud room or even the sink cabinet in a guest bathroom.

What Materials Work Best for Ribbed Cabinet Doors?

While hardwoods such as mahogany or Brazilian cherry are typically preferred, they can get very expensive. Using  medium-density fiberboard that has been treated with semi-gloss lacquer can provide durable quality and an entirely bespoke look for ribbed cabinets. You can even opt for colored lacquer.

If your client does not like the look of a solid inset panel or does not have the budget to use MDF or hardwoods, you can recommend using ribbed glass panels to achieve the same look as reeded cabinetry. Depending on what the homeowner chooses to store in these cabinets, ribbed glass can provide even more visual interest.

Where Can You Find Quality Ribbed Cabinet Doors?

Whether you need ribbed cabinet doors or another style of cabinetry, CabinetNow is your go-to source for premium cabinet doors. Choosing to reface current cabinetry rather than opting for complete replacement can save your client a ton of money while still achieving a fresh new look in the home. At CabinetNow, we carefully source each of our products to ensure they are of high-quality craftsmanship and integrity so you can feel confident that you are providing your client with the best. Contact our cabinet experts for a free design consult and quote.