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Everything You Need to Order New Cabinets

Everything You Need to Order New Cabinets


If you are thinking about new cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other areas; it is important to know exactly what you need to order. There are so many options available, and so many different parts, it can be overwhelming just getting started. However, if you know what you are looking for, and you know some basics, then you can navigate your way to new cabinetry without an issue. You don’t want to end up getting started on the project only to discover that something is missing and then have to wait for the item(s) to be shipped to your address or the store. So, in this guide, we will discuss some of the basic components that you will need to know when upgrading your cabinets.

There are quite a lot of pieces to purchase in order to have a fully-functional kitchen and bathroom cabinets. But the efforts are well worth the results you achieve in the end. You’ll have something tailored to your preferences, your home, and your life. Here is an in-depth look at cabinet parts you’ll need when you order new cabinets with CabinetNow.

Boxes and Bases for Cabinets

The boxes/bases are perhaps one of the most important components of your new cabinets. This is the skeleton of the project. It includes the bottom, the sides, the front, the back, and any shelves if applicable.

Cabinet Box Types

Base Cabinets

offer openings for drawers and/or doors depending on the design. Your base cabinet boxes will form the foundation for your countertop or island. Base cabinets come in a wide variety of configurations. To figure the best combination of cabinet and drawer space, take an inventor of what you need to store in your kitchen. You can also check out our blog on planning cabinet and drawer storage in your kitchen.

Tall cabinets

such as pantry cabinets are usually designed to have doors and shelves, but sometimes include drawers. Refrigerator cabinets are built to include doors for the top area. Tall cabinets can be a great way to increase your storage, without taking a lot of floor space.

Wall cabinets

are always built to have cabinet doors because of the reach limits from below that would make drawer access difficult. Kitchen and bathroom wall cabinets will still have shelves inside for easy storage. Wall cabinets are perfect for plates, bowls, or cups in the kitchen, and towels, washcloths, or toiletries in your bathroom.

Cabinet Drawer Boxes

A kitchen cabinet base would be nothing without drawers unless it was designed specifically for doors only. The cabinet drawers have better strength and stability when they are made from solid hardwood materials. Be sure to take an inventory of what you intend to store in your drawers. This will help you determine how deep you need your drawer boxes.

When measuring for your new drawer box, be sure to take any hardware you are using into consideration. Drawer slides and glides need space to be installed in your cabinet. Manufacturers will include how much space you need to allow to properly install the hardware.

Drawer Fronts

The drawer fronts are the faceplate for the cabinet drawer boxes, so you want to make sure they fit correctly. Most drawer fronts can be ordered to match the style of your doors, or in a solid, slab style. While the choice between the two is largely personal preference, there are some size restrictions for matching drawer fronts. If you are looking for all matching drawer fronts and doors, be sure to check that the drawer fronts are available in all the sizes you need. When measuring for your drawer fronts, don’t forget to take your desired overlay into account.

Cabinet Doors

When it comes to door options for cabinets, the same options apply as with the cabinet drawer fronts. But there are other options too, such as glass openings and arched designs. In addition to the wide variety of designs, the material option for your drawers and drawer fronts is also important. The two primary categories that our doors are pided into are solid wood and laminate. There are several different wood species available for the solid wood doors, and for our laminate we use thermofoil. Thermofoil is a vinyl laminate that is heated and pressurized onto an MDF core.

Cabinet doors, like drawer fronts, should overlap the opening on all sides for most situations, so be sure to keep this in mind as you are measuring.

Other Parts Needed to Build Your Cabinets

Shelves are something you don’t want to forget. Just be sure to measure the depth of your internal cabinet opening to get a good fit with very little play. Wood can expand and contract, so you need to make sure there is enough space for this to happen without destabilizing the shelf. Nevertheless, you can always cut it down to fit your size, but you’ll need to smoothen the edges to prevent chipping and splintering, which can lead to cracks on the edges.

Hinges and drawer pulls are other important components that if forgotten can hold up your project. In addition, drawer slides are essential if you want to have a fully-functional drawer system.

Wrapping Up Your Cabinets

As you can see, there are numerous parts to ordering new cabinets, and each one is important to the overall construction of the storage furniture you create. 

It is important to start any renovation or remodel project by making a plan. In addition to things like scheduling and labor, the plan should also have a detailed list of required materials. This list will no doubt change as you progress through your project, so be sure to keep it handy and accurate. If you are struggling with starting, or you have a list and are ready to talk style and material, feel free to give us a call at 1-855-669-5222 or an email at Our well-trained sales staff can help you with everything from measuring to checking out.