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4 Benefits of Adding a Kitchen Island to Your Design

4 Benefits of Adding a Kitchen Island to Your Design

A kitchen island can be an excellent addition to your house in terms of both function and aesthetics. It adds valuable storage space and a new work surface. In addition, your kitchen island may also be designed to accommodate a microwave, oven, or sink. If you are already planning to remodel your kitchen, then this can be an excellent time to add an island.

The best part is you don’t even have to have a massive, open-concept kitchen, but it does help. For those with smaller homes, or who may be renting, less permanent options are available. Some of these ideas can be replicated with things like rolling bar carts or bakers racks. While the options will be much more restricted, with enough creativity and searching, you will certainly find a unique solution.

A large open plan kitchen with a marble topped kitchen island.

There is a wide variety of styles and configurations available for kitchen islands, so finding the right one just takes patience. In this blog, we are going to take a look at our favorite benefits of installing a kitchen island in your home!

A Welcoming Kitchen

Nothing is worse than constantly bumping elbows while trying to enjoy a nice meal. Adding a kitchen island can open up new seating in your kitchen that can allow for more comfortable dining options. You may even find that when you have a comfortable area, you are more likely to slow down and sit for coffee rather than run out the door with it.

In addition, the additional seating can be nice for others who are in the kitchen but not actively cooking. This way you can enjoy the fellowship of meal prep, but without the frustration of constantly moving out of the way. Whether it is sharing meals or for your talkative “sous-chef”, the added seating is a great way to make your kitchen feel more welcoming.

New Appliances and Modern Luxuries

A kitchen island with a hot water tap and large hanging lights.

Depending on the configuration of the particular kitchen island you have in mind, it could also offer appliance storage and outlets. You often find cooktops and sinks installed onto larger kitchen islands, as can you work in some modern luxuries such as hot-water taps and outlets with USB ports. These are items that will likely be noticed by a realtor or potential buyer should you be in the selling market.

It is important to note that some of these appliances may require installing gas or water lines, which will require a professional and permits. However, you don’t have to add a whole cooktop to make your kitchen island stand out. With an outlet, you can use part of your kitchen island to host a coffee or tea station.

More Space to Create

Whether you cook for one or many, it is always nice to have extra space to work. This can help you keep your food prep organized and clean to make sure everything comes out on time. When you consider the placement of your kitchen island, you will need to be aware of any building codes, as these could prevent your project from being completed. Once that is out of the way, start to plan your work triangle.

The work triangle is a concept that was developed in the 1940s in an attempt to increase the productivity of people working in the kitchen. The strategy is as follows: plan out three workstations, so that you are taking the least amount of steps to move from prep to cooking to clean up. Typically, you will place the prep station near the refrigerator or food storage, the cooking station near the oven or stove, and finally the clean-up station by the sink.

Anchor Your Kitchen Design

Besides the functional uses, an island can also highlight the overall style of your kitchen. It gives your guests something to focus on other than your wall cabinets and fridge. You can take advantage of this new focal point by adding elements that show off your personality. You can use this space to display your favorite cookbooks or your favorite bunch of flowers. It also gives guests somewhere to huddle around when gathering in the kitchen.

Another great practical benefit of adding a kitchen island is its ability to emphasize and anchor your design. Especially for those with larger kitchens, guests may need something to focus on in order to get an understanding of your design, rather than just seeing the pieces.

Finishing Up

Adding a kitchen island can be a great way to boost the function and style of your kitchen. In addition, adding a kitchen island can also improve your home’s resale value. To find out an exact ROI, you will need to contact realtors in your area or look at the local housing market.

A kitchen island with a sink facing a wall of cabinet doors and drawers.

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