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Your Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Pricing Guide

Your Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Pricing Guide

Understanding the costs involved in a kitchen renovation is paramount to making informed choices. The national average for kitchen remodel expenses varies due to factors like location, size, and customization. At CabinetNow, we offer a comprehensive guide to average kitchen cabinet costs, tailored to our Custom RTA (ready to assemble) Cabinets and Standard Size Fully Finished RTA Cabinets for a 10x10 kitchen. This serves as a reference to help you gauge pricing for your desired kitchen design. Our aim is to provide transparency and options as you plan your project. Feel free to explore various customizations to match your preferences and style.

Table of Contents:

Custom Kitchen Remodel Cost

CabinetNow's Custom RTA Cabinets offer high customization levels. These cabinets are made from premium materials with a solid hardwood face frame, 1/2" Purebond brand formaldehyde-free plywood carcass, and prefinished UV resistant maple interiors. They arrive unassembled and require assembly. These American-made cabinets are adaptable in dimensions and configurations. They are available in various styles and woods, suitable for different projects. Notably, you can choose your preferred drawer and door styles to match your design preferences.

Custom Kitchen Remodel Cost Breakdown
Custom Kitchen Remodel Cost Breakdown Price
Unfinished Shaker Wood 10x10 Kitchen $9,228.72 (including shipping)
Thermofoil 10x10 Kitchen $8,279.84 (including shipping)
Painted Wood 10x10 Kitchen $12,028.01 (including shipping)

Key Benefits:

  • Highly customizable.
  • Premium materials: hardwood frame, plywood carcass, maple interiors.
  • Save 70% on labor costs by following these assembly tutorials.
  • American-made, flexible dimensions and configurations.
  • Diverse material and finish choices.
  • Choose drawer and door styles for personalization.

Budget Friendly Custom Kitchen

We're pleased to offer you an overview of two cost-effective kitchen design options; an unfinished Shaker wood and Thermofoil kitchen. These choices have been crafted with a keen focus on affordability, without compromising quality. The unfinished Shaker wood kitchen is designed to accommodate your budget while providing the freedom to personalize through your own finishes. Additionally, our Thermofoil kitchen presents a sleek and durable alternative, characterized by its efficient laminate coating ready to install upon delivery. Both options prioritize cost-effectiveness by utilizing specific finishes and materials that enable you to achieve your dream kitchen at a wallet-friendly price point.

Unfinished Shaker Wood 10x10 Kitchen Cost

Shaker Kitchen Cost

Presenting an example of pricing for a 10x10 unfinished Shaker kitchen:

Total Cost: $9,228.72 (including shipping)

Thermofoil/Laminate 10x10 Kitchen Cost

Laminate kitchen cost

Presenting an example of pricing for a 10x10 thermofoil/laminate kitchen:

Total Cost: $8,279.84 (including shipping)

Premium Cost Custom Kitchen

This kitchen configuration is classified as a more premium option due to its superior quality paint job and meticulous finishing. The use of premium Sherwin Williams paint not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures longevity and resilience against wear and tear. Our skilled artisans apply a professional finish, resulting in a smooth and flawless surface. This attention to detail and commitment to top-tier craftsmanship elevates the overall look and feel of the kitchen, making it a standout choice for those seeking a refined and long-lasting kitchen solution.

Painted Wood 10x10 Kitchen

Painted Cabinets Cost

Presenting an example of pricing for a 10x10 painted wood kitchen.

Total Cost: $12,028.01 (including shipping)

Standard Kitchen Remodel Cost

CabinetNow's Standard Size Fully Finished RTA Cabinets present a hassle-free and efficient option for homeowners. These cabinets come prefinished, expediting the installation process once assembled. Our fully finished RTA line on our sister site, offers a broad spectrum of styles, encompassing shaker and traditional designs, coupled with a selection of wood and paint finishes. When you opt for our Standard Size Fully Finished RTA Cabinets, our form provides an avenue to conveniently visualize and select from a range of styles and colors by clicking “Stock Size Cabinetry”, streamlining your decision-making process.

Stock Size Kitchen Remodel Cost Breakdown
Stock Size Kitchen Remodel Cost Breakdown Price
Essential Builder Series 10x10 Kitchen $5,634 (shipping not included)
Premier Shaker Designer White 5PC 10x10 Kitchen $8,586 (shipping not included)

Key Benefits:

  • Time-saving choice.
  • Prefinished design for quick installation.
  • Save 70% of labor costs by following these assembly instructions.
  • Wide range of styles: shaker, traditional, various finishes.
  • Easy selection via form: styles and colors.

Budget Friendly Standard 10x10 Kitchen

The Essential Builder Series offers budget-friendly classic cabinets with functionality and style. Its partial overlay doors, soft-close hinges, and particle board cabinet box with a plywood back provide value without compromise. A versatile option for transforming any space, it suits both traditional and modern design preferences. Ideal for budget-friendly kitchens that don't sacrifice quality.

Essential Builder Series 10x10 Kitchen

    Standard White Kitchen Cost

  • Cabinet Exterior Finish: Bright White
  • Cabinet Interior Finish: Natural melamine
  • Partial overlay doors
  • U-shaped kitchen design
  • Soft-close hinges
  • Drawer Box: 5/8″ Solid wood, Dovetailed
  • Drawer Slides: DTC Under mount, Non-soft close
  • Cabinet Box: 1/2″, Particleboard, Plywood back
  • Cabinet Door Material: MDF door & drawers, rubber wood face frame
  • Shelves: Adjustable, 3/4″ Particleboard
  • Colors include: Essential White and Essential Gray
  • Extensive selection of SKUs, moldings, and modifications

Total Cost: $5,634 (shipping not included)

Premium Cost Standard Kitchen

The Shaker Premier Series presents a uniquely versatile cabinet option. Combining the architectural shaker style with well-balanced proportions, it offers Shaker White with a choice of a contemporary slab or classic  5-piece drawer front. Crafted with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, our Premier Series boasts exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive design. Whether your preference leans towards traditional or modern aesthetics, this series caters to various lifestyles.

Premier Shaker Designer White 5PC 10x10 KitchenShaker White Kitchen Cost

  • Cabinet Exterior Finish: Shaker White
  • Premium Sherwin-Williams® finish
  • U-shaped kitchen design
  • Full overlay doors providing a seamless aesthetic
  • Soft-close doors and drawers
  • Crafted with dovetail construction
  • Full extension drawers guarantee easy access
  • Durable solid wood cabinet box and drawers
  • Colors include: Shaker Sand, Shaker White, Shaker Kodiak, Shaker Espresso
  • Full line of accessories and upgrades available.

Total Cost: $8,586 (shipping not included)

How it Works

Our streamlined process ensures a seamless journey towards a stunning kitchen. Upon completing our quote form, you'll connect with a dedicated designer. Collaborating closely, they'll integrate your vision and preferences into a free design consult and quote, utilizing accurate space measurements to craft a plan that suits both your style and budget. Follow our measuring guide to learn how to efficiently take measurements of your kitchen. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us contact us. Need a quote today? Fill out our free quote and design for cabinets to get started!