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Are Thermofoil Laminate Kitchen Cabinets Good?

Are Thermofoil Laminate Kitchen Cabinets Good?

Posted by CabinetNow on 2020-10-19

Whether refacing or remodeling, picking the right look and feel for your cabinets can make or break your space, especially when it comes to kitchens. From laminate and plywood to medium-density fibreboard and solid wood, there are plenty of choices out there. Each of these options varies in durability, aesthetics, and cost. For homeowners on a tight budget and are looking for a wide range of styles and colors, look no further than thermofoil laminate cabinets. Thermofoil kitchen cabinets are known for their variety and cost-effectiveness. But one question that homeowners keep asking is, “are Thermofoil laminate kitchen cabinets good?”. Here is everything you need to know about Thermofoil laminate kitchen cabinets.

What Are Laminate Kitchen Cabinets?

Laminate is a synthetic material that is fused to particleboard, also known as compressed wood. A thin film of laminate — usually printed with a decorative pattern or color — is bonded to the cabinet doors' exterior surface. Our laminate cabinets are made with thermofoil, which is a vinyl laminate that is heated and pressurized onto an MDF core.

For your kitchen cabinet box, particleboard or pressed wood is used to keep the cabinetry price low. Together, the laminate cabinet doors and inexpensive cabinet boxes can last as long as ten years, making it ideal for starter homes.

Wood vs. Laminate: What Is Best For Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Even though laminate kitchen cabinets have had a terrible reputation and are often associated with particleboard or plastic, today, it can stand its ground against solid wood. Each of these materials has its benefits and disadvantages that you need to weigh before making a choice. To help make your decision easier, here are the pros and cons of both materials.

Laminate Kitchen Cabinets Pros & Cons

Laminate kitchen cabinets offer homeowners variety and accessibility to beautiful cabinetry that are both cost-effective and durable. While Thermofoil laminate cabinets have many benefits, there are also a few disadvantages that you need to take into consideration. Before making your final decision, here are the pros and cons of thermofoil laminate kitchen cabinets:


  • Cost: The most significant advantage of laminate kitchen cabinets is that they are cost-effective. Compared to solid wood, laminate cabinets' price can be lower, making it a good option for homeowners who are on a budget.
  • Durable: Not only does laminate kitchen cabinets look great, but it is super durable. The material used to create laminate cabinets can resist gradual erosion caused by mechanical, physical, and chemical actions. It is also scratch and stain-resistant, which means it can withstand heavy objects that cause scratches and resist stains made by coffee or wine.
  • Variety: One of the biggest benefits to ordering Thermofoil laminate cabinets is the wide selection of textures and colors available. Whether you are looking for something bright to set off your modern kitchen, or you want to have a wood grain texture without the expense of solid, Thermofoil has options for every kitchen design.


  • Damage: Despite their durability, laminate kitchen cabinets are prone to damage. Because the laminate is pressed together, it may start to lift. Additionally, thermofoil cabinets can be sensitive to excess heat and moisture, so it is best to keep this in mind when thinking about placement.
  • Repair: Once damaged, laminate kitchen cabinets are difficult to repair. If you get a deep cut or crack on your cabinet door, your best option is to replace it as it is impossible to repair.
  • Resale Value: If you're looking to add value to your home, you better off going with solid wood kitchen cabinets. Due to the low cost and easy access to laminate, it does not add to your home's resale value.

The Best Type Of Thermofoil Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Now that you've decided on laminate cabinetry, you need to choose the best type of laminates for your kitchen, and here are a few of our favorite options:

  • Matte Finish: For a moderate reflectiveness and a consistent, standard finish, go with a matte finish laminate. Not only does this type of laminate give your kitchen an elegant look, but it is also resistant to scratches and dust.
  • Gloss Finish: With a mirror-like sheen, gloss finish laminate will give you a luxurious look and feel to your kitchen. It also adds a brightness by reflecting light like no other cabinetry. Gloss finishes are great for small or dark kitchens.
  • Textured: Add depth and dimension to your kitchen with textured laminate cabinets. Textured laminates simulate the look and feel of various materials, including raw silk, solid wood, and stone.
  • Solid Color: Add some color to your kitchen with multi-colored laminates. Whether you opt for one or more colors, these types of cabinets add vibrancy to your kitchen.
  • Metal Finish: For a sleek, modern look, consider a laminate with a metallic finish. This type of laminate adds a richness and high-end look that'll have your guest in awe. You can get this laminate in colors like silver, copper, and rose gold.

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets Pros & Cons

Classic and traditional are two words that perfectly sum up solid wood cabinets. For decades, this material has been used to create beautiful cabinetry that is strong, sturdy, and can last you a lifetime. But with all its perks, it also has a few disadvantages. Before making your decision on solid wood cabinets, take a few minutes to read through the pro and cons of this type of cabinetry:


  • Durability: If you're looking for a robust material for your cabinets, opt for solid wood. Solid wood kitchen cabinets can last for decades, which is why most homeowners opt for this material.
  • Value For Money: With its longevity, solid wood definitely gives you great value for money. Even though it comes with a high price tag, solid wood can last a lifetime, making it worth the money.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: For a classic or traditional look and feel for your kitchen, add solid wood cabinets. No matter what type of wood your choose, each comes with a beautiful grain that adds interest and detail to your kitchen design. We suggest you opt for maple, red oak, or cherry, which all have beautiful grain patterns.


  • Expensive: Compared to any other material, solid wood can be costly. If you're a homeowner on a budget, the exorbitant price tag can be overwhelming.
  • Damage: With increased temperatures and humidity, solid wood can warp and crack. Additionally, unfinished solid wood is not water-resistant and will be damaged by any moisture.
  • Pests: Solid wood is natural wood, so if left unfinished, it is vulnerable to bug infestation. To ensure this does not happen, you need to use the right finish and maintain it regularly.

The Verdict

As a budget-conscious homeowner, your best option could be to go with thermofoil laminate kitchen cabinets. Even though it has had a bad reputation in the past, it is an extremely durable, customizable, and maintainable cabinetry type. It is also the perfect option for homeowners who enjoy changing the look of their kitchen or who like to have lots of color options. On the other hand, wood cabinet doors are a great long term investment in any kitchen. Overall, laminate kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice for any home and any kitchen design.