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Choosing the Right Vanity  for Your Bathroom

Choosing the Right Vanity for Your Bathroom

Posted by John C. on 2019-10-01

 When building custom bathroom cabinets, you have a lot of decisions to make and a lot of options to choose from. The first thing you need to consider is how much space you have to work with so you can know which vanity cabinet box to choose. Double bathroom vanities are convenient for big families who share the bathroom, yet a single vanity saves a ton of space and provides more room to move about. The other things to consider is style, wood finish, and counter space. Here’s a breakdown to help get you going. Deciding on Multiple Bathroom Sinks or Just One? 
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How To Assemble Vanity Boxes

How To Assemble Vanity Boxes

Posted by John C. on 2019-04-29

How To Assemble Vanity Boxes Materials: Vanity BoxEach piece of your vanity box, such as the frame and the individual walls of the box, will arrive ready to assemble. Wood GlueThis will be the key component used to hold your box together, and will be necessary during numerous steps of this project. Staple Gun/ Finishing nails and hammerThe last step of assembly will require stapling the components of your cabinet box together.A staple gun is recommended for ensuring the stability of the vanity box as it allows for a fast assembly and tends to be accurate. Finishing nai
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